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Waidner-Spahr Library

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Special Access Instructions for E-Books & Online Newspapers: HathiTrust

A guide providing special instructions for accessing e-books and specific journals.


You must log in to HathiTrust in order to access full text content that is available to Dickinson users. To do so, follow the instructions below.

Log In to Access Full Text Publications in HathiTrust

Begin by clicking on the HathiTrust link, or visit

If you are not automatically logged in*, click on the Log In button in the top right corner of the HathiTrust screen.

HathiTrust login page


Select Dickinson College from the drop-down. Click "Continue":

Select Dickinson College


Enter your Dickinson username and password on the Dickinson Gateway page, if you are not already logged in:

Enter Dickinson Username when Prompted


* Depending on how you arrive at the HathiTrust site, you could be logged in automatically, or prompted for your Dickinson username and password.

This is likely to happen if you have already logged in to the Dickinson Gateway, or the library catalog/JumpStart.

What Content Can We Download?

Dickinson's HathiTrust membership allows Dickinson faculty, staff, and students to download the full text of more than 5 million public domain volumes (out of approximately 13 million volumes archived in HathiTrust). To search only the items where full text is available for download, select the "Full view only" check box, as shown below.

Select Full View



Alternatively, after conducting a search you can use the tabs at the top of your search result screen to toggle between the complete listing (all items) or the downloadable full text items (full view).

Toggle Search Results

View HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) Books

The HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) provides digital access to some of the print books owned by the Waidner-Spahr Library for use by current faculty, students, and staff.  Below are instructions for logging in to HathiTrust and checking out an ETAS title.

Starting from JumpStart/library catalog

If the title is one of the 180,000 of Dickinson's print books available online through HathiTrust ETAS, a direct link to the online version will appear in a JumpStart/library catalog record as "HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access" (as shown below) and you will be prompted to login with your Dickinson credentials to gain access.

HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access viewed in catalog

Starting from the HathiTrust website

A "Temporary Access" link (as shown below) will appear in the HathiTrust search results display for ETAS titles.

Temporary Access link display for an ETAS item in HathiTrust

You must log in to HathiTrust to gain access to the full text of ETAS books.

See the "Log In to Access Full Text Publications in HathiTrust" section of this page for detailed instructions.


Checking out HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access items

Detailed instructions for finding and reading ETAS books:


Check out an item only when you plan to use it. ETAS titles may only be read online by one user at a time. Each ETAS book has an initial check-out period of 60 minutes. If you remain active in the book, access time will be extended. If you do not remain active, it will be released for use by other Dickinson users.


Approximately 180,000 of the Waidner-Spahr Library's print books are available through this temporary extended HathiTrust access. This is not all of our print books. 

You may read a book online during an active session in HathiTrust. You are not able to download the entire book, but may download pages one at a time. This is to protect the author’s rights.

In order to maintain legal, equitable access to this digital content for all of our remote users during the pandemic, the library is not permitted to also lend the physical copies. 

Full View Titles

This temporary emergency access is in addition to our existing HathiTrust member access to millions of "Full View" titles. Full View titles, items that are in the public domain or out of copyright, are available to logged-in Dickinson users as always with no checkout required.

More information, Terms of Use, FAQ

HathiTrust has developed an Information for Users page that includes more information about the Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) including answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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