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Waidner-Spahr Library

Resource for Student Supervisors: Manage Patron Services

Checking out library materials

During the pandemia, check-outs are primarily done contact-free, see how on this video.

IMPORTANT: The web-based system needs time to process transactions. Please make sure to wait until each task is fully completed and visible on the screen before performing another one. 

  1. Select Manage Patron Services tab in Alma and scan patron's ID in the search box. 

  2. Make sure cursor is on the "Scan Item Barcode". Scan one item barcode and wait until it processes. Once item is scanned and transaction is complete the title and due date of the item will display on the "Loans of this session" list.

  3. After check-out has been processed, share due dates verbally with patron while all items are listed on the screen. 

  4. Click "Done" and an email receipt will be sent to the patron.

Note: Check-out transactions require the Dickinson issued ID and user account information is protected by privacy laws. 

Hathi Trust

The HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access (ETAS) provides digital access to some of the print books owned by the Waidner-Spahr Library. If library users bring items for check-out and a "loan blocked - Item is not loanable" message is displayed, it is because the item is available online through HathiTrust and the title cannot circulate. Please explain to user that online access is provided and physical items can be used in the library but not checked-out.

Contact Free Items

Students living on campus, staff and faculty can request contact-free pick-up through our library catalog. After requests are processed and ready for pick-up during library operational hours, requestors will be notified via email. Items will be labeled and placed in library bags on our "Contact-Free" shelves near the main entrance. Click here for information on how to place a request.

Note: HathiTrust items are excluded from this service.