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Waidner-Spahr Library

Resource for Student Supervisors: System Outage Procedures

Critical Systems Failure

When a pervasive failure of critical systems occur (i.e., no Internet, no database access, no Banner, no Moodle):
  1. Verify the problem in multiple computers to confirm its occurrence. This is an important step when issues are reported at the desk.
  2. If issue is confirmed, try to communicate with the on-call librarian (call their extension or go to their office).
  3. Use the circulation desk phone to call Maureen 717-422-6331 (cell). Please leave a voice mail if there is no immediate answer.
  4. Call DPS (x1349) to report the issue.
      a. Identify yourself as the library on-duty supervisor.
      b. Ask them to notify the I.T. person on-call that the essential system (Internet, Moodle, Banner Self-Service, etc.) is currently down.
      c. Public Safety will proceed to notify the I.T. staff member on-call.
  5. After communicating with the DPS officer, please announce the system outage issue over the library intercom paging system.
  6. Calmly explain to users who come to the desk, that we are currently experiencing technical issues.

IT Communication Protocol

  1. The on-call IT staff member will call the circ. desk phone to speak with the on-duty supervisor who reported the system issue. IT should  
      return the call within fifteen minutes to clarify the issue and indicate that they are troubleshooting.
  2. The on-call IT staff member will call to report progress or inform that the issue has been successfully resolved.
  3. When the issue is resolved, the on-duty supervisor should announce over the intercom system that that the system has been restored.

IMPORTANT: Always document the information on Moodle (when available) and communicate the issue to the incoming on-duty supervisor when your shift ends. Post a detailed description of the problem and actions taken to troubleshoot under section 4 "Building and Technology Issues.

Internet Down Check-Out

1. Open the ALMA Manual Check-out Excel spreadsheet found on the desktop of both circulation work stations.

2. Scan the ‘User ID’ on the first column, type in the ‘User’s Full Name, ‘Item Title’ and ‘Item Type’ then scan the item barcode. Record each check-out transaction on the spreadsheet.

3. Designate a cart for “Returned Items” and put returned items there.

No Electricity

1. If there is daylight and library users want to check-out items, use the paper version of the Manual Checkout form stored on shelves of the super’s desk. Make sure all the written information is accurate and legible.
2. If it is dark, immediately call DPS (x1349) for their assistance in the building, as people will need to safely exit the library and the building will need to be secured. 
3. Flashlights are available and can be found on the shelves of the super's desk.

Note: Phones will stop working and incoming calls will go to voicemail. For outgoing phone calls you will need to use a cell phone.