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Waidner-Spahr Library

Resource for Student Supervisors: Return Items

Return Items & Quarantine Shelves (for All Returned Items)

Retrieve library materials from the "Return Items" bin. Protective gloves are available at the circulation desk, if you wish to wear them. All returned items (including interlibrary loans) should be scanned as described below:

  1. In the ALMA "Quick Links" menu, select "Return Items".
  2. Scan each item and wait until it is listed on the screen to ensure the system has processed the data.

As a safety precaution, all library items (Dickinson and Interlibrary loans) must be placed on the quarantine shelves after being returned in ALMA.

Note: Dickinson Library items will required one more step. Please see below.

Scan In Items & Quarantine Status (Not for ILL items)

Prior to putting Dickinson Library items under quarantine, items should be processed as described below:

  1. Select "Scan In Items" function, then click on the "Change Item Information" tab. 
  2. "Change Type" should be set to "Temporary" and the "Location" selection from the dropdown list should be "Quarantine". 
  3. Uncheck the "Check Requests" box. 
  4. Ensure cursor is on the "Scan Item Barcode" field, then scan one item barcode. Once processed the item information will be listed.
  5. Verify the "Location" shown is "Quarantine" for each item scanned.
  6. Place item(s) on the quarantine shelf.