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Waidner-Spahr Library

Resource for Student Supervisors: ALMA Library System

Logging In

ALMA is a cloud-based real-time library management system. To expedite system access, please create a shortcut in the supervisor's desk computer. The username is 'Supervisor" and the password is Nicole#2. For future use, save the information within your browser of choice. (ALMA login information is taped to the base of the supervisor's monitor). Please know that site inactivity will result in an expired session and you will need to log in again for full access.

Both Circ. Desk computers have ALMA shortcuts in the desktop and the LSC password saved but if needed they are: Circ. Station - 1, the ALMA username is LSC-1 and for the Circ. Station - 2, the ALMA username is LSC-2. Both have the password as Dickinson#1 and on-duty supervisors should not disclose it but simply enter the information when appropriate.

Navigating ALMA

The ALMA dashboard has many functions. The 'Search Box' has a dropdown menu with many options and the most useful choices when looking for an item, are 'Physical titles' and 'Physical Items'. For a comprehensive overview of each of those options, please see the ALMA for Supervisor's Manual.

Please know that 'Quick Links' have been saved under the Supervisor profile as well as the LSCs profiles. The most used functions are: 'Manage Patron Services', Return Items' and 'Scan Items'.

When performing transactions in ALMA, visual confirmation is needed after each barcode is scanned. Please watch the screen to ensure proper processing. The web-based application often displays a loading circle. Please make sure each action is completely loaded before scanning another item or performing another task.