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Waidner-Spahr Library

Resource for Student Supervisors: Library Equipment

Circulation Desk Computers

Circ. desktop computers are numbered as Circ. Station -1 and Circ. Station - 2. Both stations have an automatic booting system. If the computers display the Windows login screen, please reboot the computer, so the profile can load appropriately. Useful shortcuts have been saved on the desktop as well as on browsers.

The desktop computer on the Supervisor's Desk requires you to enter your username and password. Please know that the first time you enter your information, the profile may take a few extra minutes to load. Supervisors may want to save shortcuts for frequently used websites and save login data in ALMA for prompt access. See ALMA library system tab.

Temporary Set-Up (Spring 2021)

  • Desktop computers are only available in the Reference Area.
  • Laptops and computer accessories such as headphones, adapters and disc drives are not available for check-out in the library this semester.
  • Laptops are being managed by Student Life and availability information can be obtained directly from their office.

Assisting Users

There are diverse types of equipment in the library and they may malfunction for a number of reasons. Users may get frustrated and look for assistance at the Circulation Desk. Here are some tips when handling these situations:

  • Listen attentively.
  • Diffuse frustration by apologizing for the issue they are experiencing.
  • Share that you will do your best to troubleshoot. If you cannot, you will follow-up with your supervisor.
  • When follow-up with the individual is needed, please ask for their contact information.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify the reported problem exists. You will need to check and see for yourself.
  • Take note of any error messages. Write it down or take a picture of the screen. This action is key for proper resolution.
  • Check for physical issues (cracks, missing pieces) and If the equipment is wired, check its connections (e.g. power cords and cables).
  • Reboot. Restarting is a simple, but effective solution for a lot of issues.
  • Make sure to document the problem and actions taken on Moodle. Add photos as needed.