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Waidner-Spahr Library

Information for ILL and Stacks Assistants: Morning Mail

Morning Mail

We pack the days shipment first thing in the morning. UPS picks up around 10:30am. If you work an early morning shift, you will most likely be asked to pack the mail. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the amount of books being shipped. If you finish before your shift is over, you will be asked to start lending by pulling slips.


Because of the character limit, names may be abbreviated in WorldShip

  • Use standardized state abbreviations when possible.
  • Avoid punctuation (ex: US instead of U.S.).
  • Abbreviate with the same format for all similar institutions. (ex: CA State University-branch1… NOT Calif State U, CA State U, Cal State University, etc.)

Other common abbreviations

  • Township = Twp
  • National = Nat’l
  • Government = Gov’t
  • Center = CTR
  • Department = Dept
  • Public Library = Public Lib/ Pub Lib
  • And = &
  • University = U/Uni
  • County = Co

There are two folders containing addresses for RAPID and EZBorrow for cross referencing at the shipping computer.



  1. Books should be shelved by INSTITUTIONAL NAME.
    1. Ex: Dickinson College, NOT Waidner-Sphar Library
  2. Confirm all books are on the proper shelves and grouped appropriately
    1. Institutions with the same NAME and IDS NUMBER should be in the same pile
      1. Pay special attention to institutions w/ multiple branches (Penn State, Rutgers, West Virginia University) and match piles by IDS number
        1. ILLiad books may not have an IDS number, so match addresses
        2. RAPID Books may not have name or address listed. Cross reference the Rapid symbol with the list by the shipping computer.
    2. International books should be given to Access Services staff.
  3. Pack books using the recycled packaging first. Feel free to scavenge the mail area for boxes.
  4. Special notes when packing
    1. If an item is fragile, use a box.
    2. If the package contains more than 2-3 books or weights over 4 pounds it should be placed in a box.
    3. Add cardboard scraps to give more structure to padded envelopes as needed.
    4. Use tape to cover any holes or tears.
    5. Do not use bubble mailers or boxes that are FedEx, UPS Express or Priority Mail. These can be used as filler.
    6. Feel free to discard any material that is too damaged.
  6. Move the packages to the shipping computer and continue below.

UPS Worldship

Creating the Labels

  1. Open UPS Worldship
  2. Begin typing the institution name in the "Company or Name" field. It will automatically begin to search the address book. Select the correct institution and confirm that the address is correct with what is on the book. If an IDS number is present, make sure it matches.
    1. The Institution's name does not show up in the dropdown menu.
    2. There is a P.O.Box number.
    3. No street address.
  4. Weigh the package. Round up to the nearest pound. If package is over 30 pounds, split into two boxes. Input the weight in the correct field.
  5. Click Process Shipment.
  6. Affix printed label to package. Cover any old labels or blackout using a marker.
  7. When you are finished printing all the labels, click End of Day.
  8. A summary label will print from the label printer and a report will print from the ILL printer. Staple these together and place in the shipping box with the packages.
  9. Place UPS cart by the backdoor.