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Waidner-Spahr Library

Information for ILL and Stacks Assistants: Afternoon Mail

Afternoon Mail

If you work after 2pm, there is a good chance you will be asked to open mail. We get two deliveries a day. UPS stops around 10:30am and one of the library staff picks up USPS and FedEx from the mail room at 2pm. This mail consists of items being returned to us and new items for our patrons.

Opening Mail

Opening Mail

For more detailed instructions on opening mail, please see the mail room in the library. These are some highlights.

• Check packages before opening to be certain they are for ILL. Packages should be addressed to “Dickinson College InterLibrary Loan” or have the name Maureen Dermott, Freya Gibbon, or Kacey Feduke.

• DO NOT open any addressed to Heather Bear or Acquisitions.

• Carefully open packages. We reuse envelopes and boxes. Place anything with Post Office, Fed Ex, or USPS on the bag in the "Plastic Packaging" bin. We cannot ship in these but can use it as stuffing.


Lending Returns

Lending Returns

These are DICKINSON OWNED items that we sent to another library. You will want to sort these into Illiad returns and EZB returns. ILLiad bands will be white and say Dickinson College on the side. EZBorrow bands will be blue and have Dickinson in the return address field.

EZBorrow Returns

  1. Check book for damage. If any is found, give to Kacey or Georgina.
  2. Open Update app.
  3. Select Complete Request from the dropdown.
  4. Scan the request barcode of each book being returned.
  5. Once finished, place books in staging area.

ILLiad Returns

  1. Check the book for any damage. If any is found, give to Kacey or Georgina.
  2. Click on the Lending tab and then Lending Returns.
  3. Make sure the cursor is in the Transaction, Item or ILL Number box
  4. Scan either the ILL barcode or the TN barcode.The item information will appear on the screen. Keep scanning until all returned books have been scanned in, removing the ILL band as you go (the bands can be recycled).
  5. When finished click Process Queue.
  6. Open Alma and click on Return Items.
  7. Scan the book barcode of each item, watching the screen to make sure the item goes through.
  8. Finish by taking the books to the staging area and put the books on the staging shelves.


Incoming Items

These are ITEMS FROM OTHER INSTITUTIONS that Dickinson users have borrowed. You will want to sort these into IlLiad and EZB. Illiad items may have different looking bands. They could be different colors, papers tucked in the book instead of wrapped around the cover, or a sticker. EZBorrow bands will be blue and have Dickinson in the ship to field.

Borrowing - EZBorrow

  1. Check books for damage. Flip through the book and look for any pen, pencil, highlighting, torn pages, water damage, etc. If any is found, give the book to Kacey or Georgina.
  2. Open the Update app.
  3. Select Mark Received from the drop down menu.
  4. Scan the request barcode of each book. If any of them do not scan correctly, give to Kacey or Georgina.
  5. Set books aside while you work on the ILLiad books.  

Borrowing - ILLiad

  1. In ILLiad, click on the Borrowing tab in the top menu.
  2. Click Check In From Lending Library.
  3. Find the slip that was delivered with the book (could be a sticker on the front of the item or a piece of paper inside the book).
  4. Find the barcode for the ILL number. (The TN number will not work on these items since it is associated with the lending library.)
  5. Scan the ILL number into ILL Number box
  6. The item’s information will automatically fill the fields below. CHECK THE FOLLOWING:
    1. The correct book has been received, including year and volume
    2. Loan is selected
    3. Correct library selected
  7. If the book is Rapid, uncheck the "Allows Renewals" box. Rapid books do not allow renewals.
  8. If you see anywhere stated "IN LIBRARY USE ONLY", stop and give the book to Kacey or Georgina. These are processed differently.
  9. Check that the due date matches the due date on the book. Correct as needed.
  10. The "Number of Pieces" defaults to 1. If it is a multi-volume set, key in the number of pieces.
  11. Check the book for any damage (ex., torn pages or covers, loose binding, pencil marks or highlighting). If there is damage, place a note in the Notes field.
  12. Click Check In.
  13. Continue this process for each book.
  14. Once each book has been checked in, we need to print new bands with our information on it. Click on the Borrowing tab of the top menu and then Print Receives.
  15. A popup will appear, click print.
  16. Word will automatically open. Print slips.
  17. Match the slip to the book. Create a band with some scrap paper and secure the band to the book.

Alma and ILL Shelves


All the books are currently on hold for their patron. Do the next steps for EZB and ILLIad books. If you see an item has "IN LIBRARY USE ONLY" anywhere on the slip, give to Kacey or Georgina. If it is a multi-volume set, give to Kacey or Georgina.

Checking Out Items to Patrons In Alma

  1. Group books for the same patron together.
  2. Open Alma and click on Manage Patron Services in top action ribbon
  3. In the search bar, type in the patron’s name that appears on the EZB or Illiad slip, making sure that the name that comes up matches the name on the slip.
  4. Once in the patron account, scan the barcode of the item in the "Scan Item Barcode" box.
  5. Make sure the items show up in the “Loan Display” section below the barcode box.
  6. Use the NO RENEWALS stamp on ALL EZBorrow books, and any ILLiad books that state as such.
  7. Write the due date from Alma on the EZB books and highlight the due date on the ILLiad books.
  8. Wrap each book with the yellow book paper and a rubber band. Write the patrons last name and first initial along with the date and your initials.
  9. When all the books are checked out to the patron and wrapped with yellow paper, take them to the ILL shelves in the circulation area and shelve them by last name.