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Waidner-Spahr Library

Information for ILL and Stacks Assistants: ILLiad Lending

How to Process Rapid Requests

Processing Requests in the Rapid Queue

  1. Open ILLiad client and go to the Lending tab at the bottom of the client
  2. Double click on Awaiting Rapid Request Processing Queue
  3. Sort articles and loans by clicking Request Type
  4. Double click on a request to start processing
  5. CALL NUMBER or PERIODICAL will already be populated in the call number box in the Item Information section
  6. Click Finished Searching in the top lending string
  7. Go to the Lending ribbon at the top of ILLiad client
  8. Click on Print Stack Search Items
    • Two different Word documents will pop up, one with article scans and one with loans
    • Print both documents


Processing Electronic Articles

  1. Double click on a request to open
    • the call number box will be populated with a URL in the Item Information section
  2. Click on the Google Scholar tab
  3. Right click on the link that says [PDF] and/or "Full Text at Dickinson," choose copy shortcut, and paste the link into Chrome or Firefox to go to the article
  4. Download the article as a PDF and save to the Desktop using the TN # provided in the Detail section of the request
  5. Click on Mark Found, Scan Now in the top ribbon of the request
    • the upload window with the imported scan will appear
  6. Click on Send via Odyssey

    DO NOT PROCEED and see an ILL staff member if:

  • The book cannot be located
  • There are multiple volumes
  • The book has damage (torn cover, excessive highlighting/pen parks, water damage, etc.)


Processing Loans

Processing Loans

  1. Open ILLiad client and go to the Lending tab at the top of the client
  2. Click on Update Stacks Search Results
  3. Place cursor in the Transaction Number box
  4. Scan the TN barcode at the top of the pull slip
  5. When the record is pulled up, click Mark Found

 Checking Out ILL Books in ALMA

  1. Log into ALMA 
  2. Click on Manage Patron Services in the top ribbon
  3. In the search bar, type in Interlibrary Loan and choose the user that is "Interlibrary Loan-ILL-ILL"
  4. Click Override on the OVERDUE/UNPAID popup message
  5. Scan the barcode on the book in the Scan Item Barcode box

Scanning Articles & Book Chapters


  1. Open Adobe Acrobat on the computer desktop
  2. Click on the Create button in the top left corner
    • Select PDF from Scanner
    • Click on Custom Scan
  3. Click Scan on the popup to open the scanner interface
  4. Place the pull slip facedown in the top left corner of the scanner
    • Click Preview
  5. Adjust the dotted line box around the image of the pull slip in the preview screen
  6. Click Scan
  7. Select Scan more pages in the popup and click OK
  8. Place the journal or book on the scanner facedown and align the top left corner of the item with the top left corner of scanner glass
  9. Press Preview
  10. Change the image type to "grayscale" and align the dotted line box around the scan
    • Change the image type back to "black & white" 
  11. Continue to click OK to Scan more pages until all requested pages have been scanned
  12. Click on File- Save As Other
    • Choose Reduced Sized PDF
    • Click Yes on warning popup
  13. Save document to Scans folder
    • Scan the TN Number barcode from the pull slip
    • Click Save