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Waidner-Spahr Library

Information for ILL and Stacks Assistants: Home


We welcome you as part of the library employee team. This guide will provide you quick access to important information, so you can become better prepared as a new employee.

Our work environment focuses on employee collaboration to consistently provide excellent service to our Dickinson community members and visitors. Please know that staff are always available to support you during your shifts and are ready to help as questions arise. This collaboration is key for our success as we provide accurate information and expedite services.


Job Expectations and Procedures

• Clocking in/out

  • If you have any issues, tell us personally and then email with the date and times of your shift.

Arrive on time for your scheduled shifts

• If you can’t make a shift for any reason email:

  • ILL at

  • Failure to notify us in advance of missed shifts will result in warnings. After two warning conversations, you may be suspended from employment.

• No headphones / cell phones during training

  • Once you’re comfortable and consistent with your work you can listen to music, etc.

• ILL and Stacks Management are busy departments, come prepared to work for the duration of your shift.

•Because of the nature of the work we’re doing, we ask that you maintain patron privacy. Is not acceptable to divulge names of patrons nor items requested.


Interlibrary Loan

ILL Email

Kacey Feduke

Resource Sharing Supervisor | 717-245-1096

Micala Hotra-Schubert

Resource Sharing & Circulation Specialist | 717-245-8126


If you cannot find or reach any of the above, please see the on-duty supervisor at the circulation desk. | 717-245-1397


ILL Schedule Fall 2023
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-9 Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie
9-10 Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie Maddie
11-Noon       Forbes  
Noon-1 Joshua   Joshua Joshua Joshua
1-2 Joshua Shubhashree Joshua Joshua Joshua
2-3   Shubhashree      
3-4 Shubhashree Forbes Shubhashree   Shubhashree
4-5 Shubhashree Forbes Shubhashree   Shubhashree