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Waidner-Spahr Library

Spanish & Portuguese : Data & Statistics

Statistical Databases at Dickinson Library

  • ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)  
    Maintains and provides access to a vast archive of social science data from around the world for research and instruction, and offers training in quantitative methods to facilitate effective data use.
  • Data-Planet Statistical Datasets  
    Mostly US, but some international statistics on economic and social indicators, with built-in tools for creating charts and maps. Access was formerly through Statistical Insight.
  • International Historical Statistics  
    Key economic and social indicators for the last 260 years. Users can view content as e-book or download as PDF or Excel tables.
  • Polling the Nations  
    Provides access to over 14,000 surveys conducted in the United States, as well as countries around the world. It includes surveys from a variety of pollsters and detailed information on the questions.
  • Statistical Insight (ProQuest)  
  • Data Citation Index  
    From Web of Knowledge, a database of research data from repositories around the world, with links to works that cite the data. Data is mostly from the life sciences, but includes a significant number of social science and physical science data sets, and a smaller number of sets from the humanities.

International Statistics