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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies: WGSS 400

These pages will help you learn the process of research for Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies classes.

Developing a Research Question

Developing a Research Question (6 mins.)
Picking Your Topic IS Research (3 mins.)

Introduction to Primary Sources

Finding Sources

Internet Searching

Google Site Search

  • Use to:
    • Search the contents of a specific website that may not have a good search engine built into the site.
    • Find information on a topic within a set of web sites (e.g. government websites).
  • How to search a specific website:
    • In the Google search box type:
      site:[websiteurl] [keyword]
      • wgss
      • women
  • How to search a set of sites:
    • In the Google search box type:
      site:[sharedportionofwebsiteurl] [keyword}
      • equity 
      • racism

Internet Archive

Some Topic-Specific Suggestions

Mindfulness & Meditative Practice as a Way to Undo Effects of Oppression/Discrimination, Increase Empathy and Compassion

Domestic Violence & Black Community

Black Girlhood, Adultification, Criminalization

Climate Change & Sex Trade, Terrorism, Immigration

Questions? Ask!

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Evaluating Sources

It is important to weigh a variety of factors when selecting sources for your research.

Review the evidence.  For each of the sources above, consider:

  • What factors suggest that this could be a useful or reliable source for academic research?
  • What factors suggest that this might not be a useful or reliable source for academic research?
  • For what purposes might a researcher choose to use this in their research?

Evaluating Sources Review

Managing and Citing Sources

Chicago Manual of Style

Zotero Reference Management Software