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Linking to Library Resources: Introduction

This guide covers how to link to search results, catalog records, e-books, and other electronic resources in the Library's collections.

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Introduction to Linking

This guide explains how to link directly to library resources, including articles, e-books/chapters, and videos. Simply copying the URL from your browser's address field usually won't work, but many databases and other online resources have tools for creating and sharing stable URLs or "permalinks."

Not every e-resource is covered in this guide, of course. But many resources have similar terms or interface features, and so learning one may help you use others not covered here.

Linking is Better than Scanning

Using links to the library's online resources in your syllabus or Moodle site is often the easiest way to direct students to course materials held by the library. Creating new copies of licensed e-resources (by scanning, printing, or re-uploading) for sharing may also violate copyright or license terms. Links also help the Library know which e-resources are being used.  For additional information see the Moodle Best Practices guide.

Other Sources for Help

Please Ask a Librarian for help if you are having trouble linking to library resources. It may not be possible to link to every resource, but librarians can help you figure out the best alternative if direct links are unavailable.

E-book and journal platforms and databases may have their own help pages where you can learn if permalinks are available and, if so, how to access them.