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Linking to Library Resources: Link Updates, Summer 2022

This guide covers how to link to search results, catalog records, e-books, and other electronic resources in the Library's collections.

Update Links - June 1, 2022

Due to a system migration, bookmarks and saved links (e.g. Moodle links) that include in the URL will need to be updated before being shared with others. Please check your links to library materials before sharing them in Summer and Fall 2022.

Below is information about updating your links.  Unsure what to do?  Librarians can help!  If you would like assistance with re-formatting links or confirmation that a link will work, email us at or send a message through our Ask a Librarian page.


Links within library systems like JumpStart, the catalog, and databases have been made in bulk by library staff.  Many of you will not notice the change at all.  The required updates apply only to your saved bookmarks and direct links to specific library resources (e.g. articles, e-books, etc.) with in the URL.

How do I update links?

Identify whether you have links that include 

Below are two examples of how those links might be configured:

Identify a new link to use, and replace your bookmark or link. 

In most cases, you have two options:

  • Option 1 (the simplest option): Link to the JumpStart/catalog record for the item instead of directly to the item.  Find the item in Jumpstart and click on the "link to this item" button in the JumpStart record to obtain a permanent link.  In the case of the articles linked above, the new link would be:
    • All links from the JumpStart/catalog record to the item will be updated by library technical services staff in bulk on or before June 1.
    • An added benefit to using the JumpStart/catalog link is that it will show all versions of the item in our collection. If one resource link or platform doesn’t work (or points to a single user copy of an e-book that is already in use), the Jumpstart/catalog record provides users with options.

I'm using the updated link, but something weird is happening.

If you've recently visited a library platform using the old link, your browser might have stored outdated cookies and other information that will prevent the page from loading correctly. 

You might need to clear your browser cache and restart your machine to successfully access the platform for the first time using the newly-formatted link.  

See our troubleshooting instructions for more information.

How will I know if I'm using an outdated link?

If your attempt to access a page using a URL that includes, it will result in a "connection refused" error, like the one shown below.

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED - refused to connect

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