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Linking to Library Resources: EBSCO E-Books

This guide covers how to link to search results, catalog records, e-books, and other electronic resources in the Library's collections.

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Permalinks in Ebook Collections

EBSCO e-books have an interface very similar to the JumpStart interface, but you can also link to specific chapters or pages, rather than to just the Detailed Record page.

Page Contents:

Linking to Title from Detailed Record

Linking to Detailed Record in Ebook Collection

With the e-book Detailed Record on your screen:

  1. Click on the chain icon, labeled Permalink, in the right-hand column of the screen.
  2. Copy and paste the permalink from above the detailed record. This link will permanently take students to this detailed record overview page, showing the title of the e-book and providing the full e-text access.

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Linking to Chapter or Specific Page

Linking to Chapter in Ebook Collection

If you want to link to a specific chapter, instead of the full text, there is an easy way to do so.

  1. Once you have followed the steps above and arrived at the detailed record page, click on the link in the Table of Contents to bring up the first page of the chapter you want to link to. This will open up the full text PDF to your particular chapter, where you can then find the permalink.
  2. Click on the Permalink button, on the top toolbar, and copy and paste the link from above the full text viewer. This will provide a permanent link to the chapter you have chosen.

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Linking to Specific Page in Ebook Collection

  1. If you want to link directly to a specific page instead of a chapter, simply type in the page number at the bottom of the full text viewer and then click Go.
  2. The permalink above the full text viewer in this case will provide a direct link to the specific page of the e-book instead of a chapter or title. However, the table of contents and other toolbars will be available so that students can easily navigate back and forth throughout the e-text.

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