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Waidner-Spahr Library

Linking to Library Resources: Ebook Central

This guide covers how to link to search results, catalog records, e-books, and other electronic resources in the Library's collections.

Linking to Ebook Central E-books

Use the following instructions to create a permanent link to a book on Ebook Central.

1. On the book's Ebook Central page, click on "Share link to book" below the book cover.

Example of an Ebook Central book page, with an arrow pointing to the "Share Link to Book" icon.

2. When you click on the link, a box will open, showing the book's title as well as a link that can be copied. Press Control-C to copy that link, and then paste it into your document, syllabus, Moodle site, or other location where you wish to share the book.

Image showing the "Share this Book" box in Ebook Central

Linking to a Page or Chapter in Ebook Central

Use the following instructions to link to a specific page or chapter in an Ebook Central book. 

1. Click "Read Online" from the book's Ebook Central page. This link is found directly below the book's cover image.

2. Navigate to the specific page to which you would like to link. You can search within the book or use the Table of Contents to find that page.

3. Click on the "Share link" icon on the top of the page, which looks like a chain link.

4. A box will open with a URL you can copy by pressing Control-C.

Image showing a page in an Ebook Central book, with arrows pointing to the search/navigation and the "share link" button