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Waidner-Spahr Library

Printing & Technology at Waidner-Spahr Library: Library Technology

This guide provides basic instructions on how to use technology available in Waidner Spahr Library, including Toshiba services (printing, scanning, copying), and media:scape tables.

Technology in the Library

The library has always been a great place to work independently or in a group.  We offer multiple equipment options that may help you to practice a presentation, interview for a job, grad school, or internship, or if you have a group project and one desktop computer is cramping your collaborative style.  

The mediascape collaboration stations are located in study rooms # 4 and # 8. Up to six laptops can be plugged in to each station.  Students can share what's on their computer screens on the large display screens, allowing for a conversation and collaboration.  Though a simple touch of a finger users can switch between any of the collaborator's screens giving everyone a chance to display and put forth their ideas. See the mediascape guide for set-up and FAQ



A Video Communication Stand located in Study room #14 on the lower level of the library is the perfect piece of technology for your video needs.  The stand operates like a standard PC and consists of 5 components: Monitor (TV Screen), keyboard, laptop, computer, and camera.  This allows you to display websites and presentations for conferences and meetings and the camera allows you to connect through video conferencing services such as Skype or Google Voice.