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Waidner-Spahr Library

Printing & Technology at Waidner-Spahr Library: Media:scape

This guide provides basic instructions on how to use technology available in Waidner Spahr Library, including Toshiba services (printing, scanning, copying), and media:scape tables.


How do I turn on sound?

You cannot play sound through the monitors

I don’t want to view my screen anymore how do I switch to someone else’s?

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble with the media:scape station?

Contact the Circ Desk with any issues

My screen looks weird, what’s wrong?

It could be because you are using a Mac and you are viewing as an expanded desktop. See "Mac Set-up" to learn how to clone your display.

What can I use this for?

Powerpoints, prezis, presentations, studying, group projects, art projects, social sciences projects, meetings, the possibilities are limitless.

Can I Skype on this?

You can open Skype on your computer but the display screens do not have a camera attached to them. You can hold a Skype conference in the Jacob’s Room in the lower level (near the Archives display) see collaboration station on the next page under the Library Technology tab.

Will people be jealous of how awesome my group project is?

Most likely. You’re using technology to collaborate and incorporate myriad ideas and viewpoints to create something unique and interesting. Good Luck!!

Using the media:scape collaboration station

Three easy steps:

1. Open the media well and remove a PUCK. 

PUCK™ (Personal User Control Key) is a universal user interface that requires no drivers, software or training.

2. Connect the PUCK to your laptop, a white light will turn on when your laptop is connected  You will need a VGA adapter if you are using a Mac.  See Mac Set-up box below

3. Share what’s on your laptop by pressing the PUCK™ .  Press the screen icon, Screen 1 is on your right and Screen 2 is on your left.  The PUCK will glow green when your laptop display is being shared on the screen.

To switch to a different user’s display, tap the screen icon on their PUCK. To turn off your display click the “off” light on the PUCK

Mac Set-up

Connecting your Mac:

You will need to get a VGA adapter from the Circ Desk. There are two different sizes, make sure you get one that fits in your computer's firewire port.  


Plug it into your Mac's VGA port

Plug the media scape VGA cable into the VGA adapter:

Viewing your desktop on the media:scape display screens:

The screen sharing default on a Macs is to display as an extended desktop.  This  means  your display would have to be dragged to the top right corner of the Mac Powerbook  screen to be displayed on the media:scape screen.  Essentially you are just creating more room on the desktop, think of it like a dual screen.  If you  don’t like this,  you must “clone” your Mac desktop so that your laptop display  is being shared on the media scape screen.


1)     Click the Apple sign in the top left corner of the laptop monitor, Select System Preferences  


2)     In the System Preferences window, select “Displays

3)     In the Displays window select Arrangement and check “Mirror Displays

4)     Close the window by clicking the red circle in the top left hand corner and you are ready to collaborate.