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Waidner-Spahr Library

Jill Anderson

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Jill Anderson

Mobile Librarian Hours:Tuesdays, 1-2:45 p.m.: Bosler Atrium
Thursdays, 1-3 p.m.: East College

Librarian Office 4, Main Level (Map)
(717) 245-1868


Information Literacy Librarian


  • MS, Information Science, University of Texas at Austin
  • PhD, U.S. History, minor Women's/Gender History, Rutgers University--New Brunswick
  • MA, U.S. History, minor American Literature, Vanderbilt University
  • BA, History, Carleton College

Background & Areas of Expertise

  • Information Literacy
  • Primary Source Literacy
  • US History
  • Girls’ Intellectual History

I began my career as an instructor in American Studies, and also worked as a historical documents editor and in academic publishing before starting my MSIS at UT Austin. I have found that information-literacy instruction combines my favorite aspects of all of those. My scholarly research has always focused on intersections between vocational choice and art-making in US history; currently I am working on a project about mid-twentieth-century girls’ career fiction focusing on careers in the performing arts. I think of scholarly work as parallel to art-making, and am fascinated by how disciplinary conventions structure how we make scholarship and how interdisciplinary projects play with those structures. I like helping students learn how to search for and evaluate the materials/sources they need to build their class projects, in whatever form.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Anderson, J. E. (forthcoming, 2024). Student Dancer: Education, Community, and Love in Regina J. Woody’s Dance-Career Novels. In L. D’Amico & E. Hamilton-Honey (Eds.), Beyond Nancy Drew: U.S. Girls’ Series Fiction in the Twentieth Century. Lexington Books.
Anderson, J. E. (2021). “A Friend, a Nimble Mind, and a Book”: Girls’ Literary Criticism in Seventeen Magazine, 1958–1969. Journal of American Studies, 55(4), 815–840.
Davis, M., & Anderson, J. E. (2019). Follow the Footnote. History Teacher, 52(3), 477–498.
Anderson, J. E., & Fleming, K. (2021, Spring). Arguing with Comics: Teaching with (Virtual) Primary Sources. Included in the ACRL Instruction Section Distance and Online Learning Virtual Poster Session.
Anderson, J. E., & Fleming, K. (2019). Trading Eights: Teaching Collaboratively with Primary Sources. Journal of Creative Library Practice.
Anderson, J. E. (2017). “Discussion, Anyone?”: Readers’ Book Reviews and Intellectual Culture in Postwar Seventeen Magazine. Presented at the Organization of American Historians Conference, New Orleans, LA.
Anderson, J. E. (2017). “Going Steady?”: Documenting the History of Dating in American Culture, 1940-1990. Syllabus, 6(1).
Anderson, J. E. (2016). Elaine Wept and Was Lost”: Trigger Warnings, Historical Primary Sources, and Date Rape. Presented at the Society of American Archivists Conference, Atlanta, GA.
Anderson, J. E. (2016). “Respectful Attention:”: Girls’ Intellectual History and the Archives. Presented by invitation to the Women’s Collections Roundtable, Society of American Archivists Conference, Atlanta, GA.
Anderson, J. (2014). Dinny Gordon, Intellectual: Anne Emery’s Postwar Junior Fiction and Girls’ Intellectual Culture. Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth, 7(2), 243–266.

Selected Awards

  • Georgia State University Faculty Instructional Innovation Award, co-received with instructional partners Kevin Fleming and Prof. Ewa McGrail, 2020.
  • Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council Award for Excellence in the Educational Use of Historical Records, co-received with instructional partner Kevin Fleming, 2019.
  • ACRL Librarian Scholarship, 2011

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