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From Babble to Babel - Duperron FYS: Find Your Topic


As you start your assignment, you may not know what you want to study, and that's okay!  On this page you will find resources to help you begin the process of gathering general information and narrowing in on your topic.

Developing a Topic

Choosing a topic and developing a research question can be challenging.This worksheet will help you transform your ideas into a workable topic.

About Reference Works

Reference works provide basic overview articles on various branches of knowledge. They may be general or subject-specific. They are excellent places to begin research on your topic. Although citing reference works is not considered scholarly practice, they can provide general knowledge about your topic, help you develop a thesis, supply you with important keywords for searching, and  provide you with citations to important primary and secondary works on the topic.

Reference Books - Finding Background Information

Reference books, including encyclopedias and dictionaries, can be excellent sources of background information on a topic.  

Credo Reference is a collection of online reference books.  Use the search box below to find entries related to your research topic.

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Reference Sources


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