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Environmental Science & Environmental Studies: Choosing and Getting Articles

Getting the Articles

If you find an article in a database:

Look for a link to the pdf or HTML version of the article. If there isn't one, click on the "Get It!" button to see if we have access. 

Get It!

Tutorial: How to Use the Get It! Button

Finding a specific article:

If there is no direct link or "Get It!" button, search the Journals List for the title of the journal in which it was published. If you find the journal title, see if we have access to the year in which the journal article was published, and then follow the relevant link. 
Requesting articles we don't own:

If we don't have access to an article in our collection, then you can place an order for it through ILLIAD.

The first time you use ILLIAD, you will need to set up an account. 

Once you have an account, just click the "ILLIAD" link in the "Get it!" button and log in. The request form will be automatically populated with the citation information for the article. Just hit "submit" and wait for your article to arrive. Articles often arrive in the same day, but sometimes take a few days.  Be sure to plan ahead!

Why Use Journals?

• Journals are often peer-reviewed/scholarly. This means the research in the articles have been double-checked for validity.

• Primary research often appears in journal articles. Primary research is the first article or report on a topic whereas secondary research are the articles or reports that talk about that primary article. Always look back to the primary article when using secondary sources as support.

• Journals can contain the most recent information on a topic. In the sciences this can be very important.

Evaluating Sources

It is important to evaluate the credibility of a source before you use it for your research. This evaluating sources guide will help you ask the right questions in order to determine if a source is the best one to use. 

The quick reference guide and video below will help you to identify scholarly sources, specifically.


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