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Waidner-Spahr Library

Printing & Technology at Waidner-Spahr Library: Library Technology

This libguide provides basic instructions on how to use technology available in Waidner Spahr Library, including Toshiba services (printing, scanning, copying), media:scape tables, and the video collaboration station.

Technology in the Library

The library has always been a great place to work independently or in a group.  Two new pieces of equipment are here to help whether you need to practice a presentation, interview for a job, grad school, or internship, or if you have a group project and one desktop computer is cramping your collaborative style.  

The mediascape collaboration stations are located in study rooms # 4 and # 8. Up to six laptops can be plugged in to each station.  Students can share what's on their computer screens on the large display screens, allowing for a conversation and collaboration.  Though a simple touch of a finger users ca switch between any of the collaborator's screens giving everyone a chance to display and put forth their ideas. See the mediascape guide for set-up and FAQ



The Jacobs room Video Communication Stand is the perfect piece of technology for your video needs.  Students can record themselves practicing a presentation, or  use video meeting services such as Skype and Google Voice for interviews.