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Waidner-Spahr Library

Printing Services & Technology at Waidner-Spahr Library: Copying

This libguide provides basic instructions on how to use technology available in Waidner Spahr Library, including Toshiba services (printing, scanning, copying), media:scape tables, and the video collaboration station.

Table of Contents

This Table of Contents includes quick links to all of the sections on printing in the library. You can also use the drop down menu underneath the tab at the top to get to each section quickly.


Printing from Desktop

Printing with a Wireless Laptop



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f you want to copy a page or pages from a book in the library, you can do so using the same Toshiba printers.

Toshiba Printer

Once you have found the book and pages you want to copy, go to a Toshiba printer and swipe your keycard. Then open the white tray.

Toshiba with book

Lay out your book so that it is in the left corner and have the middle of the book on the orange line with the bar on the tray. This process is unique to books that are approximately 8x 11.5.

If your book is significantly smaller or larger, it may require a few extra steps. There is a link at the bottomfor more information.

Book Placement

Click the Copy button on the side of the touch screen.

Copy Button

There should be a dialogue screen that opens with multiple tabs. Click edit on the bottom.Copy process 1

Click the dual page option and 2 sided buttons. This option allows you to have one page on either side of paper when it prints.

Copy process 2

Click the green start button.

Start button

When you are done, select the finished button and your pages will print.


If you need to use a copier but are out of alloted printing points, you can use the coin copier located on the main level in the alcove between the printing area and the Circulation Desk.

Coin Copier Coin Collector

Copying may require you to change certain options, such as zooming, etc. depending on how large or small your book is and how many pages you need to copy. If you have more questions, the following link can help.

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