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Social Media: Career

Social Media and Your Job Search

Social media can be a useful tool for highlighting your best qualities when searching for a job.  Employers report that they expect candidates to have an online presence. When done well, social media can help a candidate stand out in a positive way. This guide provides some information about what to do—and what to avoid—when using social media during the job search.

Why Use Social Media for Your Career?

  • 47% of employers say they're less likely to interview a candidate if they can't find information about them online (Careerbuilder, 2018)
  • 70% of employers use social networking sites to research candidates, and the majority of them (58%) are looking for information that supports a candidate's qualifications (Careerbuilder, 2018)


LinkedInLinkedIn is a social media site designed specifically for professional networking.

The Dickinson Career Center's guide to LinkedIn describes what LinkedIn can do for you and why you should participate.

LinkedIn logo collage

"Linkedin Chocolates" by Nan Palmero is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Keeping Your Job

Maintaining a professional online presence is important during the job search, but you should also consider how your social media presence can impact your current employment.

For more information, see:

How to Effectively Use Social Media for Your Career

Portray a professional image.

  • Clean up your public accounts. Remove things you don't want a potential employer to see.
  • Use privacy settings to make personal accounts visible only to close friends and family. Use discretion when posting to them.
  • Use a high quality profile image with a neutral background.

Engage with your current or potential profession.

  • Connect to relevant professional organizations and individuals in the field.
  • Participate in professional conversations. Post relevant articles, comment thoughtfully, etc.

Show your personality.

  • Show off your volunteer work or hobbies. Avoid potentially controversial topics.

Keep it current.

  • Remain actively engaged. Post at regular intervals appropriate for the social media platform you're using.
  • Ensure that your personal information confirms what you put in your application materials.

More Information

The following book and articles provide more information about how best to use social media for your career.

What Do Recruiters Look for on Social Media? (Click image to see detail.)

Dickinson Career Center

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