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Image shared by Krumma under a Creative Commons license.

Arctic Adventure Photo Display

Baffin Island

During the summer of 2013, Prof. Marcus Key, Liz Plascencia '16, Melanie Campbell '15, Leslie Milliman '14 and Aleksander Perpalaj '14 joined John '78 and Susan Wycoff Pohl '80 and Pohls' daughter Merryl, a 6th-grade science teacher, on an Arctic adventure to Baffin Island. Read about the arctic, view images taken during the trip and listen to the students as they reflect on the experience.  

Earth Sciences News

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Welcome to the earth sciences research guide! This guide contains information and links to help you get started with earth sciences research, organized according to the format and type of information needed. Please use the contact information on the right to get personalized help with earth sciences-related questions.

The Library of Congress Classification System, which is the call number system utilized for locating and organizing library resources, breaks Earth Sciences down into primarily these areas:

  • QE is the general category for Geology
  • QE1-350 - General Geology
  • QE351-399.2 - Mineralogy
  • QE420-499 - Petrology
  • QE500-639 - Dynamic and Structural Geology
  • QE640-699 - Stratigraphy
  • QE701-760 - Paleontology
  • QE760-899 Paleozoology
  • QE901-996 Paleobotany
  • GC1-1581 Oceanography
  • QC851-999 Meteorology; Climatology (including climate change, global warming, etc.)
  • GB1001‑1199.6 Hydrogeology
  • QE38 Environmental Geology
  • QE514-516 Geochemistry

Look at the Library of Congress Classification System Outline for more information.

More Research Help

Don't forget to visit the Earth Sciences Department Website for more information about Earth Sciences at Dickinson!

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