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Waidner-Spahr Library

Please see our Library Services Updates: Fall 2020 website for the most up-to-date information about using library services remotely.

Collections Guidelines: Films

Fall 2020 Film Streaming Request Form for Faculty

The library will attempt to provide streaming versions of the films faculty need for fall 2020 courses. Due to the very high demand for streaming films, we ask that you complete a request form to initiate and expedite this process.  Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.

Before you submit a request

  1. Please check to see if the film is already available through one of the library's existing streaming film collections, which you can find at:
  2. Please check to see if the library already owns the film on DVD or video tape.  You will be asked to provide the call number on the request form, which you can find by searching JumpStart:

If the film is not available through an existing streaming service, you can request that the library attempt to provide a streaming version using this form:  Submit one request per form. Requests will be processed according to the dates that the films are required for courses. Fulfillment of requests is dependent upon available staffing and provision of streaming versions cannot be guaranteed.




What about Streaming Film Collections and Services?

The library provides access to several large streaming video collections for current Dickinson students, faculty and staff (login may be required, even on campus).  If you are looking for a specific film, please first check Academic Video Online and Films on Demand. Those databases provide unlimited subscription access; use of the same film in Kanopy may result in additional charges for the library.

The library cannot provide access to streamed content that is only made available to the individual consumer market (e.g., iTunes, NetFlix, Hulu, VuDu, etc.).  Check your individual terms of service for permitted uses. Individuals desiring access to the streamed version may need to rent, purchase or subscribe directly through the online service and check the terms of service for allowed uses.  While no site is comprehensively in showing streaming options, the site "JustWatch" allows yo to search for a film and see multiple options for individual streaming rental and purchase. 

Can I use Roku, Chromecast, etc. to view library streaming film collections?

Some library streaming services have apps available on various devices. If a streaming service is compatible with a device, you can view library films on that device from OFF-campus. Check information on the particular streaming service website for more information.

Additionally, users may be able to stream library films to compatible smart TVs while that are connected to the Dickinson network via a wired ethernet port.

Many wireless streaming devices CANNOT be used on campus.  Dickinson uses secure Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) standard which requires both a username and password to connect.  This prevents some consumer devices (which are designed for home networks requiring only a password/key) from connecting.

See Dickinson Network Device Guidance for more information about which devices may be used on campus.