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Waidner-Spahr Library

Collections Guidelines: HathiTrust Shared Print Program Participation

HathiTrust Shared Print Program

The Waidner-Spahr Library is proud to have joined the HathiTrust Shared Print preservation program.  Through this program, member libraries collaborate to preserve print copies of works digitized by HathiTrust (HT).  Waidner-Spahr Library staff worked with HathiTrust to identify a list of 8,145 print monographs that Dickinson would agree to retain and make available through interlibrary loan to other HT libraries through the year 2042.  Should one of the books wear out, our library will make every reasonable effort to secure a replacement copy in print.   The primary goals of the HathiTrust Shared Print Program are to ensure preservation of print and digital collections by linking the two, to reduce overall costs of collection management for HathiTrust members, and to catalyze national/continental collective management of collections.

The monographs we have committed to retain are identified in the library catalog with a note in the 583 MARC field:

583 1   committed to retain|c20190228|d20421231|fHathiTrust|5PCarlD