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Waidner-Spahr Library

Collections Guidelines: Faculty & Alumni Publications

Faculty Publications in the Library Collection (Fall 2020)

The Waidner-Spahr Library seeks to acquire copies of monographs for which the author, primary editor, or chapter author is a Dickinson faculty member. 

Faculty are invited to notify their departmental liaison librarian if they have a new publication, and will also be invited to submit their work for inclusion in Dickinson Scholar, our institutional repository.  Faculty are encouraged to donate new copies of their publications to the library.

In some cases a second copy may be acquired for Archives and Special Collections.  Copies of course textbooks authored/edited by faculty are not purchased for the main collection, but one copy may be acquired for Archives and Special Collections, if available in print at a reasonable cost.

Copies of other types of work by faculty are acquired selectively (format, availability, and relevance to the current curriculum are considered).  Search the library catalog for information on specific works in the library collection.  



Alumni Publications in the Library Collection (Aug. 2020)

Archives & Special Collections acquires selected alumni authored works.  Search the library catalog for information on specific works. 

Donations of new copies of works are welcome, but the library also purchases alumni works that are within our collection scope.  Alumni are invited to contact Archives & Special Collections with information about their publications. 


Dickinson Scholar

Dickinson faculty members are encouraged to submit their original scholarship to Dickinson Scholar. This work may include published articles, conference presentations, artistic creations, interviews or documentaries, surveys or studies, or research data.   If you are interested in submitting some of your own work, please contact us at