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Biology Research Guide

Biology Research Guide

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Welcome to the Biology research guide! This guide provides links to resources available at the Waidner-Spahr Library and on the World Wide Web to support the Biology program at Dickinson College. Please use the contact information on the right to get personalized help with biology-related questions.

The Library of Congress Classification System, which is the call number system utilized for locating and organizing library resources, breaks Biology down into a series of topics. Here are some of the primary divisions:

  • Q is General Science
  • QH is specifically Natural History - Biology
  • QH1-278.5 is Natural History (General)
    • QH1-199.5 General
      Including nature conservation, geographical distribution
    • QH201-278.5 Microscopy
  • QH 301-705.5 is Biology (General)
    • QH 359-425 is Evolution
    • QH 426-470 is Genetics
    • QH 540-549.5 is Ecology  

Look at the Library of Congress Classification System Outline for more information.

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