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From Babble to Babel - Duperron FYS: Databases & Online Journals

Finding Databases

Databases are a great place to find journal articles of course, but they can also help you locate statistics and primary sources among others.  Below you will find some suggested databases for getting started, but don't forget to look in the Databases A-Z list - remember, you can narrow by topic to help you locate other relevant databases!

Subject-Specific Databases

General Databases

Why Use Journals?

• Journals are often peer-reviewed/scholarly. This means the research in the articles have been double-checked for validity.

• Primary research often appears in journal articles. Primary research is the first article or report on a topic whereas secondary research are the articles or reports that talk about that primary article. Always look back to the primary article when using secondary sources as support.

• Journals can contain the most recent information on a topic. In the sciences this can be very important.

Online Journals

Here are some suggested journals to get started, but remember there are many other journals that could be relevant to your topic.  Curious if we have a particular journal?  You can search journals and newspapers by title here.