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Neuroscience: Books

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Finding Books

The items listed on this page represent a selection of research materials for finding basic neuroscience information. To find more materials, consult the library catalog or contact a librarian.

Sometimes books can be the best place to get detailed, but not overly technical, background on a topic. Due to the long time that it takes to write, edit and publish books, they will usually not be best source for learning about the most recent research but books, or book chapters, can provide an excellent springboard from which to be able to comprehend the significance of any new findings.

Use the search boxes below to search the library catalog. Jumpstart searches both the catalog and a large number of library databases, so is a great place to start your research.

For help deciphering library call numbers and locating books in the library, please see our tutorial on finding books in the Waidner-Spahr Library and the library map

Neuroscience Subject Headings

Here are some Library of Congress subject headings that are relevant to neuroscience (if you click the links then you can see the titles we have indexed on these headings in our collection):

If we do not have any books with relevant content in our collection, you may wish to use some of the above search heading in WorldCat which serves as a consolidated catalog across the collections of libraries across the world. If you find an interesting title that we do not own then you can see if it is available for loan through PALCI/E-Z Borrow. There is no charge for books ordered through this service and they typically arrive within 3-4 days of your initial request.

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