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Evaluating Websites

You should be cautious when using internet resources for your research. Some web resources don't have editors or fact-checkers and no standards exist to ensure accuracy on the internet. To determine whether a website may be appropriate for your research, you should take a look at various elements of the page and think about the following criteria.

An appropriate website may be:

  • Signed or attributed to an author
  • Created by an expert in the field
  • Hosted by a university, college, branch of government or not-for-profit organization 
  • Unbiased 
  • Updated frequently 
  • Cited and upported by footnotes, bibliographies, and additional readings 
  • Relevant to your research 

An inappropriate website may be:

  • Unsigned and unattributed to an author
  • Created by a profit-making company
  • Hosted by advertisers motivated to sell products
  • Biased strongly toward one point of view
  • Out of date and rarely, if ever, updated
  • Devoid of the author's sources
  • Flashy and interesting, but irrelevant

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