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Waidner-Spahr Library

Interlibrary Loan Services and Guidelines: Student Services

Understand how to borrow research materials through ILL.

Student Services

Textbooks & Other Class Materials

Many students use ILL to supplement class materials. Before borrowing, please consider the following:

  • Due dates are determined by lending libraries and books my come due before the end of the semester.
  • Books may be recalled by the lender at any time and will need to be returned immediately.
  • Many libraries don’t lend textbooks, so the book you need may be unavailable
Fees for Service

If libraries charge us for access, we will query you via email to make sure that you still need the item. If you do, simply reply and the library will cover the costs. 

Special Access

If you would like additional accommodation, contact

Suspension of Services

During winter and summer breaks, we suspend book borrowing for students.

If you will be living locally and would like to have special holiday borrowing privileges, contact

Study Abroad

If studying off campus, see our Guide for Study Abroad.


After you graduate your ILL accounts will be suspended. You will need to register for an Alumni account at the library, and then re-register to borrow through ILL.

Contact the ILL Office