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First Year Seminar Information Literacy Scaffold: Home

FYS Information Literacy Program


Dear Faculty,

This First Year Seminar Information Literacy Scaffold is designed to help you smoothly and seamlessly incorporate lessons about library research and services throughout your course.

These lessons will help you meet the research requirements of the FYS mandate. The lessons on the FYS Scaffold tab above are the minimum research skills that all FYS students should learn. Please have your class complete all tutorials and videos associated with each module along with at least one follow-up activity (suggestions provided). You may schedule a librarian to visit your class at any time following expected completion of the required modules. Librarians can use that class time to focus on concepts that require critical thinking and nuance, such as source evaluation, adjustment of search strategies, and revision.  

Most of the exercises and tasks will take only a few minutes of students' time, but will save you time both during your planning process and in the classroom. The work will complement your normal classroom activity and help students become independent, proactive library users. Librarians can assist at any stage of this process. The scaffold is linked to the Writing Center's "Writing Analytically" sample syllabus so that you can easily combine writing and research exercises to enhance classroom learning experiences.

Should you choose to continue teaching information literacy skills without a librarian, you can find additional ideas on the FYS Supplement tab.  

To orient yourself to the library's remote services, please watch our brief presentation: Library Research in an Online Environment. For a brief introduction to the types of remote services offered by Archives and Special Collections, watch the brief video Collaboration and Creativity.

To see the content of our interactive tutorials without going through them, we have made slides available on our Information Literacy Tutorial Outlines page.

As you read through the suggested scaffold, keep the following in mind:

  • Librarians can be scheduled to teach information literacy sessions in your class following completion of the required tutorials on the FYS Scaffold tab. Requests for instruction should be made at least two weeks in advance to allow for adequate preparation and set up. Please offer several options when making a request for IL sessions.

  • Please keep fair use guidelines in mind. More information can be found on our Copyright and Fair Use Guide

  • Students and faculty can use the Ask a Librarian page to contact a librarian for research, academic integrity, and citation assistance.

Your liaison looks forward to working with you this year!

Ask a Librarian

Text us: 717-366-6623
Liaison Librarians by Department

Circulation desk: 717-245-1397

Goals of the FYS Information Literacy Program

  • Teach students the fundamental skills necessary to meet the requirements of the FYS mandate
  • Familiarize students with the library’s website 
  • Introduce students to librarians who can assist them with research projects
  • Help students understand that research is a process that requires analysis and revision