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Geosciences: Earth History: Maps

Online Maps

National Geologic Map Database

If you are looking for maps of your state then start here. If you are looking for a map of a particular place then use the place name search. If you want to specifiy what type of features you want highlighted on the map then you will want to use the comprehensive search option

Topographic Maps

If you need maps that show the topography of a region then this is a useful place to get started.

GeoMapApp is an earth science exploration and visualization application created by the Marine Geoscience Data System.

You can also find topographic maps, aerial photographs & topographic map data at

Print Maps

We have some geologic maps in the main library and others are located in Kaufman. To find maps in the map library, search in the catalog for your state and "geologic map".

Click here for general information about the Map Library in Kaufman

For a guide to where items are located in this Map Library, including where the geologic maps are stored, click here

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