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Film Criticism

Film criticism is the comparison, analysis, interpretation, and/or evaluation of films.

There are two different types of publications that offer opinions about films:

  • Academic criticism by film scholars that appears in scholarly journals
  • Journalistic film reviews that appear in newspapers and other popular media.

The film critic tries to understand why film works, how it works, and what effects it has on people; while the film reviewer looks a film's production values and general enjoyability.

Leading Film Critics Include:Popular Film Critics Include:
Andre Bazin Roger Ebert
Rudolf Arnheim Pauline Kael
Siegfried Kracauer Alex Gorina
Sergei Eisenstein Leonard Maltin
Christian Metz Janet Maslin
Kaja Silverman Richard Roeper
Andrew Sarris Joel Siegel
Bela Balazs John Ivan Simon
Peter Bogdanovich Barry Norman

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