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Primary Sources: Primary Source Timeline


This guide contains a timeline that visually shows the timeframes covered by Dickinson's primary source databases, as well as the regions covered. The first list, Periodicals, features databases with historical periodical content, such as newspapers. The second list, Documents and Texts, features a wide range of primary source content, including images and written documents. 

Click on a title to go to that database. For detailed information on a database, please see our full Databases list

Primary Source Timeline

TITLE & PRIMARY COVERAGE AREA   pre-1600 1600s 1700s 1800s 1900-1950 1950-1999 2000s
Early Encounters in North America: Peoples, Cultures, and the Environment
Personal accounts documenting the relationships among peoples in North America.
World 1534-1850  
Historical Digital Archives
Topics include Hispanic- and African-American history, theology, and Revolutionary War.
United States Pre-1600s-1950  
Early American Newspapers, 1690-1928 United States   1690-1928  
American Periodicals Series Online 1740-1900
Special interest and general magazines, literary and professional journals, children's and women's magazines.
United States   1740-1900  
International Women’s Periodicals, 1786-1933: Social and Political Issues World   1786-1933  
Congressional Universe
Congressional publications, committee prints, hearings, House and Senate documents and reports, legislative histories, bill tracking, and full-text public law.
United States   1789-Present
Guardian & Observer Historical Newspapers United Kingdom   1791-2003
Times (London) Digital Archive World   1785-2006
19th Century British Library Newspapers United Kingdom   1800-1900  
19th Century U.S. Newspapers United States   1800-1900  
Accessible Archives
American 19th-century journals and newspapers including African-American, Civil War and Pennsylvania coverage.
United States   1800-1900  
Civil War Era
Regional U.S. newspapers and pamphlets.
United States   1840-1865  
Confederate Newspapers: A Collection from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia & Alabama United States   1861-1865  
Illustrated Civil War Newspapers and Magazines United States   1860-1865  
Southern Literary Messenger: Literature of the Old South
An influential literary magazine.
United States   1834-1864  
African American Historical Serials Collection United States   1816-1922  
Latin American Newspapers World   1805-1922  
Historical Chinese Newspapers World   1832-1953  
National Geographic Magazine Archive United States   1888-1994  
Wall Street Journal United States   1889-1998  
American Jewish Historical Newspapers United States   1854-2000
Economist Historical Archive World   1843-2015
Historical Newspapers
Cities include Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington DC with coverage of Jewish and African-American newspapers.
United States   1849-2005
Japan Times Digital Archive World   1897-One Year Ago
Koseisha Japanese Magazine Index Database World   1868-Present
New York Times United States   1851-2008
Sunday Times United Kingdom   1822-2006
Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000
London newspaper.
United Kingdom   1855-2000
Yomidas Rekishikan (Yomiuri Shimbun)
Japan's major newspaper.
World   1874-Present
Franklin D. Roosevelt & Race Relations, 1933-1945 United States   1933-1945  
Liberty Magazine 1924-50
General interest magazine.
United States   1924-1950  
Modernist Journals Project
Resources regarding modernism in the English-speaking world, includes The Crisis and The Little Review.
World   1900-1950  
SUR Journal Archives, 1931-1992
Latin American literary magazine.
World   1931-1992  
African American Historical Newspapers United States   1910-2003
Associated Press Collections United States   1930-2010
New Yorker Magazine Archive United States   1925-Present
People's Daily of China World   1946-Present
Women's Magazine Archive
Includes Cosmopolitan, Essence, Seventeen, WIN News, and Woman's Day.
United States   1937-2005
Black Perspective United States   1972-1974
Foreign Policy Journal Archive ( World   1970-Present
Independent Voices
Alternative and underground press archives.
United States   1950-2016
World News Connection Archive
Foreign-language new articles translated into English.
World   1995-2013

Inspiration for this website comes from Colgate University Libraries. 

TITLE & PRIMARY COVERAGE AREA   pre-1600 1600s 1700s 1800s 1900-1950 1950-1999 2000s
Digital Loeb Classical Library
Classical Greek and Latin literature.
World Pre-1600s  
eHRAF Archaeology
Cross-cultural database containing information on world prehistory.
World Pre-1600s  
Index of Medieval Art World 33-1400  
Medieval Manuscripts
Medieval manuscripts of France and England.
World 700-1200  
Medieval Travel Writing
Focus is on journeys to central Asia and the Far East.
World 1200-1599  
Early English Books Online (EEBO) United Kingdom 1475-1700  
Perdita Manuscripts
The Perdita Project finds early modern women writers who were “lost” because their writing exists only in manuscript form.
United Kingdom 1500-1700  
Medieval Family Life
Includes the Paston, Celys, Stonor, Plumpton and Armburgh Papers. Contains full color images of the original medieval manuscripts that comprise these family letter collections, along with full text searchable transcripts from the printed editions, where they are available. The original images and the transcriptions can be viewed side by side.
United Kingdom Pre-1600s-1789  
Virginia Company Archives
Papers of Nicholas Ferrar (d.1620) and documents from the Virginia Company of London.
United Kingdom 1590-1790  
Defining Gender
A wide range of original primary sources including ephemera, pamphlets, diaries, periodicals and conduct literature. Includes five thematic sections: Conduct and Politeness; Domesticity and the Family; Consumption and Leisure; Education and Sensibility; and the Body.
United Kingdom 1400-1899  
Grand Tour
Primary and secondary sources, artworks, photographs, and maps for the study of travel.
United Kingdom 1550-1850  
Age of Exploration
Diaries, journals, logbooks, manuscripts, rare books, correspondence, scientific and government documents, maps and charts, objects and early film footage.
World 1420-1920  
American History, 1493-1945 United States 1493-1945  
The Bridgeman Art Library
Images covering the visual arts from around the world.
World 1200-1950  
East India Company
Sources from the British Library. Includes two modules: Trade, Governance and Empire, 1600-1946 and Factory Records for South Asia and Southeast Asia, 1595-1830.
World 1595-1946  
North American Women's Letters and Diaries World 1400-1950  
American Indian Histories and Cultures United States 1500-1960  
Digital Library of the Caribbean
Provides Caribbean cultural, historical and research materials held in archives, libraries, and private collections including newspapers, archives of Caribbean leaders and governments, official documents, documentation and numeric data for ecosystems, scientific scholarship, historic and contemporary maps, oral and popular histories, travel accounts, literature and poetry, musical expressions, and artifacts.
World Pre-1600s-1983  
Latin American & Caribbean Digital Primary Resources
Digital collections related to Latin America and the Caribbean. Includes historical texts, recordings, statistics, and visual materials.
World Pre-1600s-1993  
Empire Online
Manuscript and rare printed sources documenting cultural contacts and literature of empire. I
World 1492-1999  
Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection
Materials pertaining to US Hispanic history, literature, and culture. The content is 80% Spanish, 20% English.
United States 1500-1960  
Gallica (French)
Books, pamphlets, images, and sound resources in French.
World 476-1999  
Archives of Sexuality and Gender World 1520-Present
Images covering the visual arts.
World Pre-1600s-Present
Berg Fashion Library World Pre-1600s-Present
Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamericano
Online resources from various national libraries across Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Portugal and Spain. Includes literary works, audio recordings, musical scores, maps, drawings, magazines and newspapers.
World Pre-1600s-present
Bridgeman Images
Images of art of all varieties by more than 30,000 artists from a wide range of periods and locations.
World Pre-1600s-2014
eHRAF World Cultures
Cultural and social life.
World Pre-1600s-Present
Western European primary historical documents.
World Pre-1600s-Present
European History Primary Sources (EHPS) World 500-Present
Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration and Cultural Exchange
Fifteen significant commodities that have transformed the world are documented through a range of manuscript materials, maps, posters, paintings, rare books, and more. The fifteen commodities explored in this resource are: chocolate, coffee, cotton, fur, opium, oil, porcelain, silver and gold, spices, sugar, tea, timber, tobacco, wheat, and wine and spirits.
World 1500-present
HeinOnline Academic
A government document and legal research database, which contains U.S. statutory materials, U.S. Congressional Documents, scholarly journals, all of the world’s constitutions, and all U.S. treaties. It also includes collections of classic treatises and presidential documents, as well as access to the full text of state and federal case law powered by Fastcase.
United States Pre-1600s-present
Images of America: A History of American Life in Images and Texts United States 1400-Present
Library of Latin Texts Online World Pre-1600s-Present
Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice
Multi archive resource covering the variety, legacy, and continued existence of slavery.
World 1490-2007
Literary Print Culture
The Stationers' Company Archive. Resource for understanding the workings of the early book trade, the printing and publishing community, the establishment of legal requirements for copyright provisions, and the history of bookbinding.
United Kingdom Pre-1600s-2007
World Digital Library
A UNESCO project containing multi-lingual primary source materials.
World Pre-1600s-Present
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection
Periodical collection covering all aspects of American Society.
United States   1691-1877  
Colonial America
CO 5 files (Colonial documents) from The National Archives, UK. Includes four modules: Early Settlement, Expansion, and Rivalries; Towards Revolution; The American Revolution; and Legislation and Politics in the Colonies.
World   1606-1822  
Literary Manuscripts Leeds
17th and 18th Century Poetry from The Brotherton Library, University of Leeds.
United Kingdom   1660-1830  
Documenting the American South United States   1624-1920  
Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlements, and Colonial Encounters
Explores the various European and colonial frontier regions of North America, Africa and Australasia through documents that reveal the lives of settlers and indigenous peoples in these areas.
World   1650-1920  
Jewish Life in America
Explores the history of Jewish communities in America, from the arrival of the first Jews in the 17th century right through to the mid-20th century.
United States   1600-1950  
India, Raj & Empire
Explores the history of South Asia between the foundation of the East India Company in 1615 and the granting of independence to India and Pakistan in 1947.
World   1615-1947  
Indigenous Peoples: North America United States   1665-1988  
Shakespeare in Performance
Prompt books from the Folger Shakespeare Library, which tell the story of Shakespeare’s plays as they were performed in theatres throughout Great Britain, the United States, and internationally.
World   1600-1984  
French literature, non-fiction prose, and technical writing.
United States   1600-Present
Global Plants
Reference works and primary sources such as collectors' correspondence and diaries, field notes, illustrations, and photographs, supporting teaching and research in botany, ecology, and conservation studies.
World   1600-Present
Stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.
United States   1600-Present
Women and Social Movements in the United States,1600-2000 United States   1600-2000
Eighteenth-Century Collections Online (ECCO)
English-language materials including books, directories, Bibles, sheet music, sermons, advertisements, and works by well-known and lesser-known authors.
World   1700-1799  
Eighteenth Century Drama
An archive of almost every play submitted for licence between 1737 and 1824, and hundreds of documents that provide social context for the plays.
United Kingdom   1737-1824  
European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection
English, French and German titles including fiction, prose, drama, and poetry.
World   1790-1840  
Letters of Benjamin Rush Digital Edition United States   1761-1813  
Revolutionary War Era Orderly Books from the New York Historical Society
Journals kept by military units containing their orders and other information.
United States   1748-1817  
Romanticism: Life, Literature and Landscape
Working notebooks, verse manuscripts and correspondence of William Wordsworth and his fellow writers, including Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey and Robert Southey.
United Kingdom   1770-1850  
Slavery and the Law United States   1770-1865  
War of 1812: Diplomacy on the High Seas United States   1789-1814  
British Politics and Society United Kingdom   1790-1914  
British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture United Kingdom   1733-1914  
China, America and The Pacific
Primary source materials on the history of the North American trade and cultural exchange with China.
World   1700-1950  
China: Culture and Society
Rare pamphlets from the Wason Pamphlet Collection at Cornell University.
World   1750-1929  
City & Business Directories: Maryland United States   1725-1929  
Gateway to North America: People, Places, and Organizations of 19th-Century New York United States   1700-1950  
HathiTrust Digital Library
Books and other materials from across the disciplines and in numerous languages.
World   1700-1950  
History of Economic Thought World   1700-1914  
Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries
Original manuscripts from the American Antiquarian Society.
United States   1750-1950  
Science, Technology and Medicine: 1780-1925
Journals, books, reports, and personal documents.
World   1780-1925  
Science, Technology and Medicine: 1780-1925, Part 2
Journals, books, reports, and personal documents for exploring a period of rapid acceleration of scientific, technical, and medical knowledge. Includes collections on entomology, natural history, and public health.
World   1780-1925  
Slavery & Abolition Resource Center United States   1787-1911  
Southern Life & African American History, 1775-1915, Plantations Records United States   1775-1915  
Their Own Words
Dickins College resources. Topics include US government, biography, the American Civil War; the temperance movement, economics, medicine, philosophy, and theology.
United States   1764-1918  
Women: Transnational Networks
Documents suffrage, birth control, gender and class issues.
World   1790-1910  
American West
Includes printed books, journals, historic maps, broadsides, periodicals, advertisements, photographs, artwork and more.
United States   1718-1968  
China: Trade, Politics and Culture 1793-1980
Sources from nine archives to give insight into the changes in China during the period from 1793-1980.
World   1793-1980  
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers United Kingdom   1700-1999  
Ancestry Library Edition
Genealogy and advanced biographical research.
World   1790-Present
Black Studies Center
Sources related to black studies, including scholarly essays, recent periodicals, historical newspaper articles, reference books, and more.
World   1780-present
Dickinson College Archives & Special Collections
College history and digital projects including the Carlisle Indian School, the LGBT Center of Central PA History Project, and Slavery and Abolition in the US
United States   1751-2000
U.S. and some international military records, including personal documents of service personnel.
United States   1700-Present
HeinOnline Academic
A government document and legal research database.
United States   1700-Present
U.S. Serial Set and Serial Set Maps
House and Senate documents and reports from congressional committees.
United States   1789-Present
19th Century British Pamphlets
British pamphlets from the 19th century that cover key political, social, technological, and environmental issues of the day.
United Kingdom   1800-1899  
23 freely accessible Black history collections
Black American Independent Voices (1961-1985)
Black Perspective (1972-1974)
Black Empowerment Collection (1961-1983)
Blockson Pamphlets (1700-1923)
Charles Waddell Chesnutt Collection (1865-2015)
Compton Communicative Arts Academy Collection (1970-1976)
Dr. Mary E. Branch Papers (1933-1945)
Dr. John Q. Taylor King papers (1958-2011)
Dr. Karl E. Downs papers (1943-1948)
Dr. Reuben S. Lovinggood papers (1900-1971)
Huston-Tillotson Charter Day Collection (1952)
The Louisiana Works Progress Administration (LWPA): Slave Narratives collection (1810-1941)
Malaika Handbooks (1971-1984)
Yvonne Seon Papers (1983-2003)
Lewis McGee Papers (1915-1980)
Obama Visual Iconography (2008-2009)
Nancy Elizabeth Prophet Collection (1914-1958)
Verdell Burdine and Otto G. Rutherford Family Collection (1913-1968)
Carver College Records, 1957-1965 (1952-1965)
Fred D. (Frederick Douglas) Alexander Papers (1953-1969)
Taylor and Richardson families album, 1876-1953
Williams W. & Mary E. Williams Collection (the mid-1800s-the 2000s)
We Choose Freedom: SamanĂ¡, Dominican Republic (1883-2019)
United States   mid-1800s-2019  
American Civil War Research Database United States   1800-1850  
American Civil War: Letters and Diaries United States   1855-1875  
Black Abolitionist Papers United States   1830-1865  
Children's Literature and Childhood World   1800-1899  
Civil War in Words & Deeds United States   1861-1865  
Civil War Service Reports of Union Army Generals United States   1864-1887  
Confederate Military Manuscripts and Records of Union Generals and the Union Army, 1854-1870 United States   1854-1870  
Emily Dickinson's Correspondences United States   1850-1880  
Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest
Motivations, activities, and results of the European conquest of Africa.
World   1800-1900  
House Divided
Stories of the U.S. Civil War era (1840-1880) through the window of Dickinson College.
United States   1840-1880  
Images of the American Civil War: Photographs, Posters, and Ephemera United States   1860-1869  
James Buchanan Resource Center United States   1800-1899  
Lincoln at the Bar: Extant Case Files from the US District & Circuit Courts United States   1855-1861  
Literary Manuscripts Berg
Victorian manuscripts from the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of the New York Public Library.
United Kingdom   1800-1899  
Making of America (U. of Michigan)
Social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction.
United States   1850-1877  
Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature World   1800-1899  
Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive (NCCO) World   1800-1900  
Overland Journeys: Travels in the West, 1800-1880 United States   1800-1880  
Popular Medicine
Showcases the development of 'popular' medicine in America during the nineteenth century. Includes books, pamphlets, trade cards, and visually-rich advertising ephemera. Sources from The Library Company of Philadelphia, with additional material from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
United States   1800-1900  
Reconstruction of Southern States: Pamphlets United States   1865-1877  
Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Enforcement of Federal Law in the South, 1871-1884 United States   1871-1884  
Religion, Society, Spirituality, and Reform
Pamphlets, periodicals, manuscripts and other documents.
World   1800-1899  
Victorian Women Writers Project
Transcriptions of their works.
United Kingdom   1800-1899  
War Department & Indian Affairs United States   1800-1824  
Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
Experiences of Westerners in Asia, principally US and British diplomatic documents.
World   1818-1923  
Freedmen's Bureau Search Portal
Alternate Name(s): Freedmen's Bureau Digital Collection, 1865-1872; National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution
Search for records from the Freedmen's Bureau, created by the U.S. Congress to assist in the political and social reconstruction of post-war Southern states and to help formerly enslaved African Americans transition to freedom and citizenship. Records include names and information of people in the U.S. including formerly enslaved individuals, those who were free before the Civil War, white southerners, northern educators, elected officials, and more. Useful for genealogical research and scholarship related to slavery and Reconstruction.
United States   1865-1872  
Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center United States   1879-1918  
City & Business Directories: Virginia United States   1839-1929  
County & Regional Histories & Atlases: Illinois United States   1852-1921  
Everyday Life and Women In America
Primary source material for the study of American social, cultural, and popular history in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
United States   1800-1950  
Gilded Age United States   1865-1902  
Immigration: Records of the INS, 1880-1930
Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
World   1880-1930  
London Low Life
Street Culture, Social Reform & the Victorian Underworld.
United Kingdom   1800-1950  
Meiji Japan
The Edward Sylvester Morse Collection, from the Phillips Library at The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem. Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) was one of the earliest mediators between American and Asian societies. Includes diaries, correspondence, research files, drawings, lecture notes, publications, scrapbooks, and manuscripts.
World   1858-1925  
Migration to New Worlds
An in-depth look at the emigration of peoples from Great Britain, Europe and Asia to the New World and Australasia.
World   1800-1924  
North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries, and Oral Histories World   1800-1950  
Photography: The World Through the Lens World   1840-1910  
TITLE & PRIMARY COVERAGE AREA   pre-1600 1600s 1700s 1800s 1900-1950 1950-1999 2000s
Trade Catalogues and the American Home
Primary source documents that highlight commercial tastes and consumer trends.
United States   1850-1950  
Victorian Popular Culture: A Portal
Source material relating to popular entertainment in America, Britain, and Europe.
World   1800-1928  
Arabic Collections Online
Arabic language content drawn from the Arabic collections of prominent research libraries. Subject areas include literature, business, science, law, religion, philosophy, and more.
World   1800-1988  
Churchill Archive Full-Text United Kingdom   1874-1965  
Confidential Print: Africa
Official British Documents from the National Archives, UK. Covers the modern period of European colonization of the African continent from the British Government’s perspective.
World   1834-1966  
Confidential Print: Latin America
Official British Documents from the National Archives, UK. This collection consists of the Confidential Print for Central and South America and the French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean.
World   1833-1969  
Confidential Print: Middle East
Official British Documents from the National Archives, UK. This collection consists of the Confidential Print for the countries of the Levant and the Arabian peninsula, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Sudan.
World   1839-1969  
Confidential Print: North America
Official British Documents from the National Archives, UK, covering Canada, the Caribbean, and the USA.
World   1824-1961  
County & Regional Histories & Atlases: Pennsylvania United States   1839-1971  
Feminism in Cuba, 1898-1958 World   1898-1958  
History Vault
Covers Black Freedom, Immigration, NAACP, Plantations, Politics, Slavery, Vietnam War, Civil War, World War II, and Women's Rights.
United States   1816-1995  
Law and Society since the Civil War: American Legal Manuscripts from the Harvard Law School Library United States   1861-1976  
Leisure, Travel, and Mass Culture: The History of Tourism
Includes guidebooks, brochures, periodicals, travel agency correspondence, photographs, and personal travel journals.
World   1850-1980  
Medical Services and Warfare
Multiple perspectives on the history of injury, treatment, and disease on the front line. Includes hospital records, medical reports, and first-hand accounts.
World   1800-1999  
Struggle for Women's Rights, Organizational Records, 1880-1990 United States   1880-1990  
Women's Studies Archive
Voice and Vision Digital Archive
Issues and Identities Digital Archive
World   1879-1998  
Women's Studies Manuscript Collections from the Schlesinger Library: Voting Rights, National Politics, and Reproductive Rights United States   1880-1990  
World's Fairs: A Global History of Expositions
Primary source material that represents the origination and planning of fairs; the experience; and the physical, cultural, and political legacies.
World   1851-1967  
Access to Archival Databases
Records from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
United States   1800-Present
Africa and the Struggles for Freedom (Aluka) World   1800-Present
African American Archives United States   1800-Present
African American Communities
Primary source material focusing on race relations across social, political, cultural, and religious arenas.
United States   1810-2013
African Diaspora, 1860 - Present
Personal papers, organizational papers, journals, newsletters, court documents, letters, video and ephemera related to African diasporic communities with a focus the Caribbean, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, and France.
World   1860-present
Archives of American Art
Letters, photographs, transcripts and audio materials.
United States   1800-Present
Gender: Identity and Social Change
Primary sources documenting the changing representations and lived experiences of gender roles and relations, and the struggle for women’s rights.
World   1800-present
Library of Congress Digital Collections United States   1800-Present
Political Extremism and Radicalism
Part 1: Far-Right & Left Political Groups US, Europe, & Australia
Part 2: Far-Right Groups in America
World   1800-2010s
World Heritage Sites - Africa (Aluka)
Objects that provide visual, contextual, and spatial documentation of African heritage sites.
World   1800-Present
Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot: The Critical Edition World   1905-1926  
Die Tagebücher von Joseph Goebbels
Transcriptions of handwritten documents and dictations in German.
World   1923-1945  
Economy & War in the Third Reich, 1933-1944 World   1933-1944  
General George C. Marshall's Mission to China: 1945-1947 United States   1945-1947  
German Anti-Semitic Propaganda
German-language books and pamphlets.
World   1909-1941  
Japan at War and Peace, 1930-1949: U.S. State Department Records on the Internal Affairs of Japan World   1930-1949  
Post-War Europe: Refugees, Exlie & Resettlement World   1945-1950  
Refugees, Relief and Resettlement: Forced Migration and World War II World   1935-1950  
Revolution in Mexico: The 1917 Constitution & Its Aftermath
US State Department.
United States   1910-1924  
Trench Journals and Unit Magazines of the First World War World   1914-1919  
U.S. Diplomatic Post Records, 1914-1945 World   1914-1945  
Women, War & Society: 1914-1918
Includes charity and international relief reports, pamphlets, photographs, news, magazines, posters, letters, minutes, etc.
World   1914-1918  
World War II: U.S. Documents on Planning, Operations, Intelligence, Axis War Crimes, and Refugees United States   1938-1949  
Apartheid South Africa
From the National Archives, UK.
World   1948-1980  
Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century
FBI and White House files, the papers of activists and NAACP Papers.
United States   1900-1999  
Chinese Civil War & US-China Relations: Records Of US State Dept Office Chinese Affairs World   1945-1955  
Food Studies Online
Provides archival content, visual ephemera, books, and videos that explore how food shapes the world. Includes cookbooks and recipes, menus, advertising, posters and pamphlets.
World   1940-1969  
Foreign Office Files for China
Official British documents from the National Archives, UK. Includes six parts: 1919-1929, Kuomintang, CCP and the Third International; 1930-1937, The Long March, Civil War in China and the Manchurian Crisis; 1938-1948, Open Door, Japanese War and the Seeds of Communist Victory; 1949-1956, The Communist Revolution; 1957-1966, The Great Leap Forward; and 1967-1980, The Cultural Revolution.
United Kingdom   1919-1980  
Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan
Official British documents from the National Archives, UK. The collection is split into three, chronologically based sections: Independence, Partition and the Nehru Era, 1947-1964; South Asian Conflicts and Independence for Bangladesh, 1965-1971; Afghanistan and the Cold War, Emergency Rule in India, and Civilian Rule in Pakistan 1972-1980.
United Kingdom   1947-1980  
Foreign Office Files for Japan
Official British documents from the National Archives, UK. Published in three parts, this collection makes available extensive coverage of British Foreign Office files dealing with Japan: Japan and Great Power Status, 1919-1930; Japanese Imperialism and the War in the Pacific, 1931-1945; and Occupation of Japan, 1946-1952.
United Kingdom   1919-1952  
Homophile Movement: Papers of Donald Stewart Lucas, 1941-1976
Early homosexual civil rights movement and the San Francisco manifestation of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.
United States   1941-1976  
J. Walter Thompson: Advertising America
Documents the history, operation, policies and accomplishments of one of the world's largest and oldest advertising firms. F
United States   1900-1999  
Japanese American Internment: Records of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library (Archives Unbound) United States   1933-1988  
Making of the Modern World
Theories, practices, and consequences of economic and business activity in the West.
World   1945-1963  
Mass Observation Online
Includes original manuscript and typescript papers created and collected by the Mass Observation organisation, which studied the everyday lives of ordinary people in Britain.
United Kingdom   1937-1967  
Market Research and American Business, 1935-1965
Provides insight into the American consumer boom of the mid-20th century.
United States   1935-1965  
Middle East Online: Arab-Israeli Relations 1917-1970 World   1917-1970  
Middle East Online: Iraq, 1914-1974 World   1914-1974  
NAACP Papers
Organization and major campaigns of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
United States   1910-1970  
Race Relations in America
Documents three pivotal decades in the fight for civil rights. Showcases the speeches, reports, surveys, and analyses produced by the Race Relations Department's staff and Institute participants, including Charles S. Johnson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Thurgood Marshall.
United States   1943-1970  
Travel Writing, Spectacle, and World History
Women’s travel diaries and correspondence from the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University.
World   1900-1999  
Women in The National Archives
Original documents on the suffrage question in Britain, the Empire and colonial territories.
World   1903-1962  
Contemporary Middle East World   1915-Present
Digital Archive of Latin American & Caribbean Ephemera
Pamphlets, flyers, leaflets, brochures, posters, stickers, and postcards. These items were originally created by a wide array of social activists, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, political parties, public policy think tanks, and other types of organizations in order to publicize their views, positions, agendas, policies, events, and activities.
World   1900-Present
International Women's Movement: Pan Pacific Southeast Asia Women's Association World   1938-2006
JSTOR Public Health
Journals, books and research reports that explore the environmental, biological, social and cultural factors that can impact public health and health equity in society.
World   1903-Present
Politics, Social Activism and Community Support: Selected Gay and Lesbian Periodicals and Newsletters United States   1947-2004
What Americans Eat
Photographs, documents, posters, and other materials that explore the US government's impact on what Americans eat.
United States   1923-2011
America In Protest: Records Of Anti-Vietnam War Organizations United States   1967-1975  
American Indian Movement & Native American Radicalism
FBI files American Indian Movement (AIM).
United States   1968-1979  
American Politics and Society from Kennedy to Watergate United States   1960-1975  
Black Liberation Army & The Program of Armed Struggle
FBI documents about Black Liberation Army (BLA) activities.
United States   1970-1983  
Brian Friel Digital Archive World   1950-1989  
Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990: Acid Rain, Urban Air Pollution & Environmental Policy United States   1989-1991  
Cold War: Voices of Confrontation and Conciliation World   1950-1990  
Digital Innovation South Africa (DISA) World   1950-1994  
East Germany from Stalinization to the New Economic Policy, 1950-1963
Records of the U.S. Department of State.
United States   1950-1963  
Fannie Lou Hamer: Papers of a Civil Rights Activist, Political Activist & Woman United States   1966-1978  
Federal Response to Radicalism in the 1960s
Viewpoints on political, social, cultural and economic issues.
United States   1956-1971  
In Response to the AIDS Crisis: Records of the National Commission on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, 1983-1994 United States   1983-1994  
Personal Justice Denied: Public Hearings Of The Commission On Wartime Relocation & Internment, 1981 (Archives Unbound) United States   1981  
Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin: Beyond the Daughters of Bilitis (Archives Unbound)
Creators of modern gay and feminist movements who founded the first US lesbian rights organization, the Daughters of Bilitis.
United States   1966-1984  
Phyllis Lyon, Del Martin & The Daughters of Bilitis (Archives Unbound) United States   1955-1984  
Popular Culture in Britain and America World   1950-1975  
Quest for Labor Equality in Household Work: National Domestic Workers Union United States   1965-1979  
Records of the Persian Gulf War United States   1990  
Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives, 1960 to 1974 United States   1960-1974  
Tiananmen Square and U.S.-China Relations, 1989-1993 World   1989-1993  
Transcripts of the Malcolm X Assassination Trial(Archives Unbound) United States   1966  
U.S. Military Activities and Civil Rights: Military Response to March on Washington, 1963 (Archives Unbound) United States   1963  
U.S. Military Activities and Civil Rights: The Little Rock Integration Crisis, 1957-1958 (Archives Unbound) United States   1957-1958  
Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960-1975 United States   1960-1975  
Women Organizing Transnationally: The Committee of Correspondence United States   1952-1969  
Women's Issues & Their Advocacy Within The White House, 1974-1977 United States   1974-1977  
Chatham House Archive
Publications of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, one of the world's leading think-tanks.
United Kingdom   1966-2008
Rastafari Ephemeral Publications World   1970-Present

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