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Citing Sources: Citing AI

AI Questions

Can I use AI, ChatGPT, or another Large Language Model?

It depends. Different faculty will have different policies on using AI in their class. Some may explicitly forbid it while others might want you to use it in a particular context. You should always check with your instructor before using AI in an assignment.  

Do I need to cite ChatGPT?

According to Dickinson’s policies:

“Academic integrity is the policies and principles we adhere to in order to show respect to those who contributed to our own knowledge base and avoid plagiarism. In the United States, ideas and their expression are intellectual property and are protected by copyright laws. Thus, academic integrity is also adherence to those laws.”

Using AI without proper attribution is plagiarism. Below are some guidelines on how to cite AI. This is not an authoritative list of citation. Citing these types of Large Language Models is new and guidelines are changing frequently. Check with your instructor for how they want you to cite AI if you are permitted to use it.

Citing AI Helpful Links

University of Minnesota's Guide to Chat GPT and other AI tools

Library resource from University of Minnesota on citation, usage.  Has faculty resources like syllabus statements as well as student resources.

AI Archives

Tool allowing you to save and share your AI conversations

Chat GPT and Fake Citations

Article on ChatGPT's limitations in scholarship and research.

Citing AI in Different Styles

The following examples were based on asking ChatGPT “Do I need to cite AI in my writing?”


“Do I need to cite AI in my writing?” prompt. ChatGPT, 3 Aug., version, OpenAI, 7 Aug. 2023,

MLA Guide for Citing AI


APA suggests describing how the tool was used in the text and then providing a citation formatted like that below:

OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Aug 3 version) [Large language model].

The APA has also suggested including a transcript of the session in an appendix of the work.   

APA Guide for Citing AI



1. ChatGPT, response to “Do I need to cite AI in my writing?,” OpenAI, August 7, 2023.

Chicago cautions against including ChatGPT in the bibliography or reference list unless there is a publicly available link to the chat transcript. ChatGPT, in this context is treated like any other kind of personal communication, like an e-mail or conversation.

Chicago Manual of Style Guide for Citing AI