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ANTH 242: Research Methods in Global Health: Quantitative, Qualitative and Anthropological Approaches

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Scholarly Articles

Consider these while reading scholarly articles:


  • Scholars and researchers in the field, discipline, or specialty


  • To inform and report on original research or experimentation to the rest of the scholarly world.


  • Technical terminology appropriate to the discipline

  • Reader is assumed to have a similar scholarly background

Cited Sources:

  • Has substantial footnotes and/or bibliographies


  • Articles are lengthy and often structured into these sections: Abstract, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Conclusions, Bibliography

  • Plain format, usually black and white

  •  Little or no advertising

  • Graphs, charts, and photographs that support the research

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Locating Articles

Basic process for finding articles

If you find an article that looks interesting check to see if there is a link to the pdf or HTML version of the article by the citation. If not, then click the "Get It!" button to see if we have access to it either electronically or in print.

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If you cannot see either a direct link to the article or the "Get It!" button then search the Journals List for the title of the journal in which it was published. If you find the journal title here check to see if we have access to the year in which the journal article was published, and then follow the relevant link. Click here to access our tutorial on how to use the "Get It!" button.


Requesting articles we do not own

If we have neither print nor electronic access to an article in our collection, then you can place an order for it through ILLIAD.

You will have to set up account the first time you order an article but once you have done this once you can use this same account each time you want an article.

Once you have an account set up then you can just click the "ILLIAD" link in the "Get it!" button and log into your account and the request form will be automatically populated with the citation information for your desired article so you only need to submit the request.

(If you do not have a journal citation, but instead have a topic, use one of our databases to locate citations).

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