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Waidner-Spahr Library

Waidner-Spahr News and Events: Events and Exhibits

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Newberry Exhibit

Emily Newberry '66: Activist and Author

Exhibit in the Library, Upper Level

April 2 - June 15, 2022

In celebration of Dickinson's first annual Pride Week celebration, the Archives has created an exhibit featuring the poetry of Emily Newberry '66, transgender author and activist. The exhibit features Emily's published poetry anthologies and "Water Suite," a unique combination of poetry and art created with artist Shu-Ju Wang.
Newberry Exhibit; image of Water Suite: A Dance Between Poetry and Art
Newberry Exhibit; image of Water Suite papers
Newberry Exhibit; image of Water Suite close up with color
Newberry Exhibit; image of Water Suite hexagon with geometric design
Newberry Exhibit; image of Water Suite hexagon with poem text

Fundamentals of Sculpture Exhibit

Fundamentals of Sculpture

April 4 - June 2022, first-floor circulation area

Stop by the circulation area to see cardboard sculptures created by Professor Cervino's Fundamentals of Sculpture class!

Exhibit: Fundamentals of Sculpture Cervino 2022

Events & Exhibits: Proposals & Guidelines

We invite Dickinson students, faculty, and staff to host or sponsor activities. To make a suggestion for an event or exhibit/display in the library, please review our guidelines and submit a proposal at least one month prior to proposed activity date.