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Waidner-Spahr Library

Sedimentology & Stratigraphy: Reference Resources

Reference Books

The following reference works are only a small representation of the reference collection in the disciplines of Earth Sciences and life sciences. The library's reference collection is extensive and will contain many similar dictionaries and encyclopedies for hundreds of subject areas. An easy way to find additional reference works would be to do a SUBJECT search in the library catalog. For example, to find dictionaries and encyclopedias in Sedimentology you would perform a subject search on GEOLOGY and ENCYCLOPEDIAS

When in doubt as to the proper subject heading try a TITLE search on your topic.

Works on Sedimentology can be found under a variety of subject headings: Sedimontology, sediments, sedimentary etc.

The following dictionaries and encyclopedias are only a sampling of the wide variety of resources the library has in the area of Earth Sciences. Additional reference resources can be found in the catalog or through the online Credo Reference platform

Subject Guide

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