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Sustainability: Web Resources

Government Resources

  • Environmental Health - The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) home for topics on environmental health.
  • National Organic Program - The USDA's site for information on the national organic standards and certification program.


Agriculture and Organics


  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Affiliated with the U.S. Department of energy, the NREL conducts research and development on renewable energy and energy efficiency. This site features news and reports related to diverse renewable energies.

Public Health

  • Public Health & Environment - The World Health Organization (WHO) site for information on environmental factors impacting public health worldwide.

Sustainability in Higher Ed

Sustainability at Dickinson

Sustainable Development

  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform - A part of the UN Department of Economic and Social Development, DSD works to integrate social, environmental, and economic conditions of development on an international level. Resources include a database of sustainable development case studies, as well as sustainable consumption and production initiatives.

Urban Planning and Transportation

  • Center for Sustainable Urban Development - A program of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, CSUD aims to "engage in and foster education and research for the advancement of physically and socially sustainable cities."
  • Institute for Transportation and Development Policy - An organization dedicated to promoting "environmentally sustainable and socially equitable transportation worldwide." This site includes numerous reports and white papers, as well as full text of Sustainable Transport magazine.


  • U.S. Green Building Council - An organization dedicated to green building and design, and the creators of the LEED system for rating green buildings.

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