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Sustainability: Books

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Reference Books

Here are some examples of reference resources that we have in our collection:

Books About Sustainability

We have many books in our collection that may be useful for projects relating to sustainability.

Some useful Library of Congress Classification Subject headings include:

Sustainable agriculture    Sustainable development
Environmental engineering    Sustainable forestry
Ecotourism   Environmentalism   Green movement

You may also find it quite helpful to enter "Environmental aspects" as a subject term in our catalog and then enter the location or topic that you are interested in as a keyword.

Different authors and organizations may use different terms to describe the same phenomena.

         "climate change" or "global warming"
         "environmental movement" or "green movement"

As such, it is a good idea to experiment with using several different words or phrases while you are searching. You can usually do this simply by putting "OR" between the relevant phrases: a search for "climate change" OR "global warming" will retrieve results that have either (or both) of these phrases.

Below are some examples of books from the collection about sustainability.

Subject Guide

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