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Waidner-Spahr Library

The Waidner-Spahr Library Research Prize for Sophomores or Juniors: 2021-2022 Winner

2021-2022 Winner: Trang Do

Trang Do '23 won for her paper “Ethnic Enclaves and Language Proficiency: Tracking Chinese Migrants in the United States,” written for Professor Tony Underwood’s Economics 398 course.

Trang’s paper examines ethnic enclaves in the United States; these are areas with high concentrations of people of the same ethnicity. To use her words, Trang explores “the interactions between ethnic enclaves and language proficiency, and how this multifaceted relationship impacts migrants’ labor market outcomes.” Here is what Professor Underwood said about Trang’s work: “this paper is likely publishable. The level of work is closer to masters-level, so it is hard to believe she was a sophomore when she wrote it. There are two things that stand out to me about this paper. (1) Her ability to discuss the previous literature using appropriate disciplinary conventions is impressive and (2) the data she used for her analysis required a lot of processing, which she did despite still being relatively new to the software. All told, it is exemplary work.”