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Waidner-Spahr Library

Waidner-Spahr News and Events: 2020-2021 Winner

2020-2021 Winner: Olivia Oligny-Leggett

Olivia Oligny-Leggett holding her certificate

Olivia Oligny-Leggett ‘24 won for her project entitled “The Impacts of Industrial Meat: Current Concerns and Future Potential for Change.”  She created this project for Professor Scott Boback’s FYS, The Evolution of a Cheeseburger.
Olivia’s paper was selected for the library’s research prize because it plainly makes the case for the many ways in which industrial meat production contributes to climate change.  Rather than outright discouraging the consumption of meat, her paper offers a variety of practical solutions, large and small, that both meat producers and consumers can take to reduce the effects of raising meat livestock on our environment.  Olivia cites scholarly articles, research data, and information from world resource organizations to make her case. Librarian Chris Bombaro said that Olivia’s paper is one of the most exhaustively researched works she has ever seen from a first-year seminar student.