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Copyright & Scholarly Communication: Open (& Inexpensive) Educational Resources

What are Open Educational Resources?

"Open Educational Resources (OER), are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and access barriers, and which also carry legal permission for open use. Generally, this permission is granted by use of an open license (for example, Creative Commons licenses) which allows anyone to freely use, adapt and share the resource—anytime, anywhere." (SPARC)

This guide will introduce you to OER and suggest ways to incorporate these and other quality low-cost (for your students) materials into your teaching. 

Open Textbook Collections

There are many colleges, universities, and organizations working to build quality open textbook collections.  In many cases the texts are peer-reviewed, and faculty users are encouraged to revise or remix the content as they like, in order to best fit their teaching goals.

Library Collections

Another way to provide course materials at a low-cost to students is to take advantage of library collections.

For example the library has access to thousands of academic e-books, many of which allow access by an unlimited number of simultaneous users.  Do you want to use a library ebook for a class?  Contact your liaison librarian to find out if it is a multi-user copy (or to see if one is available).

E-book collections include:

What is OpenStax College?