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Citation Searching: Citation Search on Web of Science

Citation Search on Web of Science

Web of Science includes Science, Social Science, and Arts & Humanities Citation Indexes.


Citation Search on Web of Science

On the Web of Science home page, you will see a drop-down menu arrow next to "Basic Search". Click on this arrow and select the option to perform a "Cited Reference Search."  

Cited Reference Search

WoS standardizes the search terms for variants of the author name, journal name, and years of publications across its various databases, thus your search will be most effective using these search terms.


Once you conduct your search, a page will be generated with a list of possible works. The length of the list can be extensive if your search terms are not narrow enough. On this page you will view possible matches for your search, some brief citation information, and all the way on the right you will see the number of "times cited," or in this case, Citing Articles for that particular work.

Web of Science Citing Articles

From there, select the work(s) in which you are interested and click "Finish Search" at the bottom or top of the list. This will bring you to a new page that lists those "Citing Articles." These are automatically arranged from most recent to least recent. From this page, you can refine your search as needed, choose new works to perform citation searches on, or explore Web of Science's forward and backward citation mapping feature.


Waidner-Spahr's Get It! Button is on these pages so you will easily be able to collect the articles you desire.

Web of Science Get It!

WoS conveniently provides a series of training videos, from which you can get a quick tour of the website and learn search tips specific to WoS, linked here. See also this help page to understand the different search fields.

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