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Research Resources for Alumni & Friends of the Library

Unfortunately, Dickinson does not at present have alumni or Friends of the Library access to the databases and e-journals available to Dickinson students. There are many sources of scholarly information freely available online, however. This guide will point you toward a few of the useful but not widely known, beyond the more obvious resources such as Google Scholar

For full access to Dickinson resources, alumni, Friends, and members of the general public may use the computer stations at the Circulation Deck in Waidner-Spahr Library to have full access to the Library's online resources. For more information on access to Library resources and borrowing privileges, see Alumni & Friends of the Library Services page.

Kennedy School of Government Guide to Free Research Resources

This annotated list of online research tools is an excellent place to start your research project. It is organized by resource type and broad research subject areas.


A currated academic search engine that allows you to search and retrieve full text articles from more that 4,500 ejournals in the Arts & Humanities.

See also:

JURN Short Guide to Free Academic Search

Actually, a lengthy guide to various kinds of scholarly resources in the Arts & Humanities, organized according to questions about the type of resource you're looking for, and the goal of your research.

JURN Directory of Scholarly eJournals in the Arts & Humanities

A list of scholarly ejournals, arranged by subject, that are completely free to access, or have significant amounts of free content. Note that the list is 4 columns long--be sure scroll to the right or make your browser window larger if you don't see four columns of subjects. 

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Searchable and browsable database of over 1 million open access journal articles. 


Free access to all content published before 1923, and access to 1,200 additional journals with the Register and Read program. 


Open access to hundreds of thousands of e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics.


Large database of biomedical literature, though full text of articles is only sometimes available.

PLOS (Public Library Of Science) Journals

Peer-reviewed open-access journals covering a variety of fields in science and medicine.